HELLO and welcome to my creative genius, Noir Kitty Mews!  It is on this site where I share with you - my family, friends and fans - things that interest me.  This includes a gallery of my photos, news articles as mews, and a selection of 

my favorite products as picks.  I author posts on adventures, entertainment, love, life, health, and happiness.  I also feature occasional posts by members of my staff and friends.  Enjoy Noir Kitty Mews!  Mew Mew! 



  • My human came down with the flu/stomach bug so there are no blog posts for the week of November 26.
    Purr-lease watch for my upcoming Wordless Wednesday post on December 6. Mew Mew!

  • CONCATULATIONS to Ernie for winning my TRICKSTER OR TREATER contest and for Binky, Little, Athena and Loulou for being selected my top favorites! Click link below to read all about it. HAPPY ALL HALLOWS EVE! Mew Mew!

  • View me & some of my chats noirs pals & learn what we think it means to be a black kitty! Click below.

  • Yippy! Noir Kitty Mews has won for Best Cat Blog in BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards 2017. Hugs of thanks to BlogPaws & all my followers!
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  • NOIR KITTY MEWS is a Blog Paws Nose-to-Nose Award Finalist in the Best Cat Blog category! I am humbled that my blog has been selected alongside the greats: A Tonks Tale, Momma Kat & Her Bear Cat, & Three Chatty Cats! CONCATULATIONS!! Click link below to view complete list of finalists. Mew Mew!

  • I am super excited that the Funny Farmer Felines interviewed me for
    MOUSEBREATH Magazine! I\'d love for you to read it - click link below!

  • CONCATULATIONS Bud-Bud winner of my LOVE LETTER contest! Great job, BB!
    CONCATULATIONS also to Loulou, IZA, Leo, Basil, & CoCo for submitting my top fav LOVE LETTERS!
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Me on camera

I am photogenic am I
not? On this site
I show you my best.


Me on video

Videos capture me
sleeping, lounging,
playing and just
being me.


My melodies

My eyes speak for
me most often, but
I also have a melodic


  • The Gallant Hero

    The Gallant Hero

    Posted by Valentine
    Well furr-iends the tale of Love on the High Seas is not over yet. I hope you'll stay with me a little longer as t ...
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    Almost Wordless Wednesday: Sweatered for Christmas

    Almost Wordless Wednesday: Sweatere...

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    Mom and Dad will be traveling to WYO Ming to Grandma and Grandpa's for holiday festivities. Grandma is having an u ...
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    Surf’s Up!

    Surf’s Up!

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    What began as a single International Talk Like a Pirate Day post by Erin the Cat Princess and a responding post by ...
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  • Almost Wordless Wednesday: Cat Mugged!

    Almost Wordless Wednesday: Cat Mugg...

    Posted by Valentine
    Mew Mew hellos, furr-iends! Sorry I missed posting on Wordless Wednesday and on Saturday last week. My human was ...
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    Is that Really You Princess?!

    Is that Really You Princess?!

    Posted by Valentine
    Here is another bit of Saturday fun to continue the tale of Love on the High Seas. In this chapter Count Prince - ...
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    Almost Wordless Wednesday: Turkey for the Taking

    Almost Wordless Wednesday: Turkey f...

    Posted by Valentine
    Oh-h lookie what I see! Why it's a puffed out plump fowl, a fresh turkey for the taking from the local farm up the ...
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  • Gulped By the Gulf

    Gulped By the Gulf

    Posted by Valentine
    For my Saturday post, I introduce to you another chapter in the Love on the High Seas pirate romance saga. Still a ...
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    Panthers Talk How to Celebrate National Black Cat Day

    Panthers Talk How to Celebrate Nati...

    Posted by Valentine
    I love all the special days set aside for pussy cats, though I am still waiting for the time when each day of the c ...
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    Aboard The White Floof

    Aboard The White Floof

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    The tale of Love on the High Seas continues with Count Prince Von Valentino venturing aboard 'The White Floof' to ( ...
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  • Almost Wordless Wednesday: The Demands of a Tortie Cat

    Almost Wordless Wednesday: The Dema...

    Posted by Valentine
    Do you recognize this lovely Tortie cat? If you guessed "Pip" you are so smart! Some of you know that she is a me ...
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    Count Into the Darkness

    Count Into the Darkness

    Posted by Valentine
    The tale of Love on the High Seas began with my dearest lady furr-iend, Erin the Cat Princess. Together we continu ...
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    All Hallows Eve Top Trickster Kitties!

    All Hallows Eve Top Trickster Kitti...

    Posted by Valentine
    This is a special Tuesday post for ALL HALLOWS EVE. This post will take the place of my regular Wednesday post for ...
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  • Honey and Marshmallow Root: Treating Kitty’s Allergies

    Honey and Marshmallow Root: Treatin...

    Posted by Valentine
    Ever since I shed my old coat a couple of months ago, my allergies have been slowly getting worse. I make sounds l ...
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    Wordless Wednesday: EEK! Spooky Ghosts

    Wordless Wednesday: EEK! Spooky Gho...

    Posted by Valentine
    Look! Mom captured a few SPOOKY GHOSTS on camera! There I am sitting in Mom's suitcase above on the right with wh ...
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    Lots of Fun and a Wee Bit Scary: Mary McScary

    Lots of Fun and a Wee Bit Scary: Ma...

    Posted by Valentine
    I was just thinking the other day about how Mom and I love children’s short stories and the wonderful illustratio ...
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Santa Grumpy Cat Holiday Pathway Light Set

 by Magic Power, Ltd.


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The Protagonists

Sr. Advisor

Willow went OTRB 6/10/16. We will not seek a replacement for his position at Noir Kitty Mews, because he was irreplacable. We miss him dearly.

Professional Hunter

My Tabby cousin, Willow's prodigy, is a very sly and experienced hunter of mice, birds, and bunnies. He is a shy one, but is full of charm.

Pip (My Juliet)

This beautiful Tortie has my heart. She appears in my yard and at my door regularly, but plays hard to get. Someday she'll realize she loves me.

Nature Researcher

My neighbor is elusive and mysterious. Her fabulous Tortie markings camouflage her outdoors where she spends most of her time.

The Antagonists

Environmental Technician

My Basset roommate has odd proportions, has an odor, and drools. Nonetheless she is harmless and has proven to be a loyal beastie.

Food Tester

My rambunctious Yellow Lab cousin is an adventure seeker. She always has a happy face, is food motivated, and shares a home with Oliver.

Lily Madison

My aunt is a white Westie diva. The only pet of her household, she is full of energy and spunk. She is curious and playful. Her shrill voice can break glass.


This rodent keeps visiting my backyard. If I were allowed outside on my own I would pounce him and remind him who's king.


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