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Aboard The White Floof

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The tale of Love on the High Seas continues with Count Prince Von Valentino venturing aboard ‘The White Floof’ to get one step closer to Princess Erin that he plans to rescue. I sure do hope you follow along on the adventure!

As you remember, we last left Count Prince Von Valentino as he and Steed rode off into the distance, leaving behind his estate in ORE-gon to find and rescue Princess Erin…

Chapter 4 – Part 2: “Aboard The White Floof”, paw penned by moi

Bess’s intermittent bays seemed to appease the Will-a-Mutt as we reached the edge of the forest, for it receded into its serpentine-like confines. “Onward me horsie Bass-it!” I hailed to her. The feathery plume perched on my hat waved proudly at the moon, as it followed us along through the night. Steed and I rode on south and west for what seemed a long, long time – I had about three or four catnaps along the way – as we crossed through evergreens and ferns, pines, and then dunes. And thank the heavenly kitties that we were able to evade any sign of the skeletonized rodents!

The White Floof Ship with Owl

I could smell the salts from the Purr-cific and new we were getting closer. The docks at Ban Don by the Seaweed came into view and then I spotted her with her mighty, starchy sails peering behind a large, volcanic rock formation in the water. The Good Ship ‘The White Floof’ was all aglow in the moonlight. She was the sister to my command ship ‘The Back Floof.’ Thankfully, I had not sold her off in that nip deal, I thought to myself, but kept her in the family. After the passing of my two, white predecessors, I gave control of her over to the proud and mysterious Persian Captain Moet (I call her “Moey”).

I dismounted Steed, placed a bit of jerky in her mouth and patted her on the head. I then motioned for her to get into the wood row boat, floating lazily and tethered to a pier at the water’s edge. And she obliged. I climbed in beside her and she immediately gave me a big lick to the face. “Nice…,” I grimaced, pulling a black, cotton hanky from my red sash to mop up the long, stringy drool that hung from my cheek. I then proceeded to row us in the direction of the sails. As we drew near, a kitty motioned to us with a white paw, holding a white lantern in the other. When we got to the base of the ship he lowered a white, egg-shaped basket with lamb’s wool cushion. Then the basket, with Steed and I inside, eased upward by rope-and-pulley.

“Thank you,” I nodded approvingly at the lad named Harvey, who positioned the basket onto the deck and helped us out.

“Ahoy Captain Valentino,” said he.

Then the ship’s captain, in full-length coat, stepped forward like a happy cloud and curtsied, lowering her fancy hat with plumes and embroidered with silver flowers. “Ahoy, Val! Good to see you back on The White Floof!”

“Moey, it is good to see you, my dear furr-iend!” I bowed and I lowered my hat, too.

“I sensed you were making your way to us. To what do I owe the honor of your visit?” she asked, with lids shut and lashes curled. Then I explained my woes in the quick condensed form and I let her paw, with its two, diamond rings, lightly brush over the mini portrait. “Aye, she is a Tuxie beauty worth all the shrimp in China! I can sense why yer so-o smitten. No worries, the crew and the ship will be ready to sail pronto – anything for you and yer true love. You know how I enjoy a good romance!” she expressed in delight as she put her paws to her cheeks.

“Aye,” I smiled at her then looked down at the portrait and silently mewed.

Marshmallows Aboard the White Floof Ship

Somehow Harvey managed to stir the seacats, who hung from their hammocks in a sort of drunken stupor, traces of a sticky marshmallow on their white whiskers and the smell of salmon still on their breath. Then we set sail. It was the wee hours of morning, but long before light, when I finally settled in a chair in my cabin with the mini portrait from my sash in paw. I thought I heard her faint songs. She seemed so close, yet I guessed she was still far away and I drifted off to sleep.

It was agreed that The White Floof would make a stop at Port O’ Mazat Land, Mexico, on its way to South America where Moey planned to sell her signature cargo of marshmallow root at market. It took what seemed weeks as we inched our way south. As The White Floof floated the waters, there were several occasions when she passed ships – each with an eerie, blue glow, a drifting stench of Camembert, and missing crew. The ships had been almost decimated by cursed mousies! I shuddered to think that The White Floof could have such a fate! She sailed on…

White Owl on Wood Perch

Then it happened one late afternoon, about halfway along our route, a thick fog like no other seemed to envelope The White Floof. Neither I, nor Captain Moey or the crew could see through it. But Moey, having a special gift that none of us could quite fathom, could sense what we could not – something this way was coming… and it was fast approaching! Before we could question, she rallied us all to be ready to defend. I stood with my cutlass tight in paw, coughing several times into the damp air.

“Nothing is going to keep me from my princess!” I mewed under my short breaths. Meanwhile, highly skilled Chalky and the other guncats below deck were preparing the cannons, but not soon enough before… !!WOO TH-ON-K!! The crow’s nest was shortened and its albino feathered keeper circled in disgust, squawking profanity. Then there was another !!WOO TH-ON-K!!, which took out a rail! The White Floof was being fired upon by a warring ship! Then !!SCR-E-E-E!! !!SCR-E-E-E!! !!SCR-E-E-E!! was heard and with it came skeletonized rats that fell through the great fog, shot from the cannons of the enemy and armed with cocktail sticks with half-eaten olives as hilts. They then lunged at the crew. Brave kitties lunged back and wrestled with the villainous lot. Another !!WOO TH-ON-K!! and the carved goddess kitty at the prow lost the tip of her ear. Still another !!WOO TH-ON-K!! and the frosted glass at Moey’s cabin door was shattered, the shards landing in her bowl of goat’s milk.

“Avast ye bilge rat fiends!” Captain Moey caterwauled with a blind’s eye, waving her cutlass. Myself and the snowy crew fought alongside her, dueling the additional, incoming missile mousies that landed on deck, and still others clamoring aboard from the water. The battle raged on and it seemed that the skelly mousies had the upper paw and we outnumbered.

But then finally the tables turned in our favor. Steed came up from below deck, tail wagging and running, knocking bedeviled mousies over into the water as she tried to get their half-eaten olives. At the same time the guncats switched ammunition to cannonball-sized marshmallows at Captain Moey’s command.

Then “Fire in the Hole!” Chalky roared. With a !!PU-FF—FFT!! !!PU-FF-FFT!! The White Floof counter attacked, sending spongy sweets into the air that exploded into molten, white goo all over the skeleton ship and its mousie crew.

“Yippee! Yippee! Mousies are foiled!” sang Sophie as she twirled and danced about the deck in glee.

“Now that’s a tactic the likes of me has nye seen before. Well done Captain!” I said patting Moey on the billowy fur at her shoulder. “It appears that yer cargo has immobilized the villains!”

“Thank you!,” said Moey with a wide, proud smile showing off her purr-fectly white teeth that sparkled. “And aye, I think that is the last we’ll see of them,” said she. We both chuckled, twitching our noses at the same time from the smell left on the ship. To our surprise it hadn’t been the cursed Captain El Mignon Mouse-Morsels and his crew that had followed Steed and I to sea from ORE-gon and attacked, but rather it was another mousie lot that was likely after the princess and her cargo. “Blimey, I wonder how many of ‘em there are?!” Captain Moey looked at me and saw the worry swell in my eyes. I shrugged and looked out to sea and pondered…

Through it all, three white coats had gone down. One was stabbed as I had been back in ORE-gon. A second was turned into a hunk of stinky Camembert after being bitten three times. A third was traumatized at having been tossed into the icy waters and his whiskers had frozen. Fortunately, Captain Moey, myself, and the other crew members only suffered minor injuries. Steed came away scathe free. Fortunately, the battle ended before our predinner catnap. And The White Floof sailed on. I pawed a note to my princess and sent it via carrier pigeon.

I awoke one morning on the floor, in a contorted position, to the sound of what I thought were cries. I scurried up the stairs, throwing myself on the door to the deck forcing it open, half expecting to see remnants of Captain Moey, her crew and the ship. To my relief, it was just the albino keeper at its reconfigured nest squawking, “Yo Mew Oh, Land Ho!” with beak pointing to a fixed point in the distance up ahead. And once we were ashore, I slowly bent to my knee, kissed the ground, and lightly pawed at the mini portrait at my red sash.

Captain Moey handed me a white, damask bag filled with white, sugary puffs, tossed a single treat in the air for Steed, and placed a marshmallow root in my paw. “Snacks for the road and root fer ye health,” said she.

“Many thanks to you and yer fine, white-furred crew,” I bowed.

Then she curtsied, “Of course.” Then we lightly bumped shoulders as our friendship sign and hugged. I knew The White Floof was in good paws.

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