Trickster Ernie Cat in Hat Closeup

All Hallows Eve Top Trickster Kitties!

October 30, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 34 Comments

This is a special Tuesday post for ALL HALLOWS EVE. This post will take the place of my regular Wednesday post for this week. I am thrilled to share with you here the results of my TRICKSTER OR TREATER Contest. The contest was open to all kitties, one entry per household. Participants were asked to submit a picture along with a related caption demonstrating that they are a trickster or a treater. As I received a number of entries, competition was fierce! That made choosing a winner very challenging! All the entries made me smile! In the end I chose my top five.

Interesting enough, all the entries for the contest were in the Trickster category. Can you believe not one was a Treater?! Well, maybe next year! And without further kitty amew, the winner is… (drum roll with my claws)


?Ernie of The Island Cats

It can be a tricky situation trying to get us kitties to wear hats, but Ernie pulls it off well. He makes the cutest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch!

Just because I’m wearing a pumpkin hat,
it doesn’t mean I’m a Pumpkin Head!

Visit Ernie also at and on Twitter: @TheIslandCats

As the winner, Ernie received a Pumpkinhead Party Collar handmade by Pampered Whiskers and a Pumpkin Catnip Toy handmade by Victoria Style Crafts. Whether Ernie planned it or not, his entry pic matched the theme of the contest prizes, so he got a bonus point for that!



Binky is in her basket. Do you think she hides her treats in there?

Trickster Binky Cat Hiding in Basket

Image credit: Binky Cat

Waiting to Scare Grandma!

?Little at Mollie Hunt: Crazy Cat Lay Mysteries and More

That’s a big stack of books that you have to read there, Little lady! Are you a muse or a critic?

Trickster Little Cat on Books

Image credit: Mollie Hunt

My tricky review of Mom’s new book.

?Athena of Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty

It looks like Athena cast a spell on her pic to give it a SPOOKY look!

Trick or treat. What do you think?

You can see more of the Goddess on Twitter and Instagram: @athenawisekitty

?Loulou of Living with Loulou

All the gents will be wondering who the belle of the masquerade ball is!

Trickster Loulou Cat in Gold Mask

Image credit: Suzanne Dunaway

Trickster kitty in disguise!
(They’ll never know who it was who tricked, heh, heh)

CONCATULATIONS!! to Ernie, Binky, Little, Athena and Loulou! And warm thanks and purrs to all those who entered my contest! There wouldn’t have been a contest without your participation. It sure was a treat to see all your photos!

I think all the kitties deserve a round paw of applause for being such grr-eat tricksters, don’t you? I hope you enjoyed this post and I welcome you to comment. I encourage you also to visit my furr-iends on their social media site(s). HAPPY ALL HALLOWS EVE! Mew Mew!