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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Recycle for Express Delivery

April 12, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 32 Comments

I’m all in favor of the recycle and reuse practice. If everypawdy just did even a small part, then our planet could be healthy and clean. There’s a giant, blue truck that comes by the house every other week and picks up my humans’ discards (paper, glass, cardboard, some plastics, yard clippings), that don’t go in the regular trash bin, like this box, for instance. I had some thoughts about reusing the box, so I told Mom and Dad to save it for me.

My humans got a new dishwasher to replace the existing one that went kaputs. Dad had repaired the old one more than once (I supervised his work) to extend its life, but it finally washed it’s last dish and gave a final steamy sigh.


The machine was hauled away to somewhere on the outside, to a place that recycles old “appliances.” It will be parted out to help other machines continue on with their domestic duties. Soon after the old one left my home, the brown truck man delivered a new dish cleaner to the door. Mom called it a “Furr-i-G-dare.” It came in this large, square box, that I just had to check out! My mind started racing – I could imagine the box being turned into a new west wing and tower additions for my cardboard castle. Recycle and reuse, right? I was about to draw up the plans and start ground work. But then I had another idea…

Hey Mom, how ’bout we use the box to ship the D-O-G to Abu Dhabi?! Recycle and reuse, right?!

Speedy Delivery 2

Yep, I think the box is just the right size for the Basset. I would throw in a blanket, food and water bowls, and a toy, of course. I’m not a heartless kitty.

Oh, and Mom, make sure you stamp the box “Express Delivery.”

What things do you recycle? Do you have a creative idea for reusing a giant box? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for reading this Wordless Wednesday post. If you enjoyed it please also see, “Wordless Wednesday: Easter Special.”