Valentine Cat Announces All Hallows Eve Contest

Announcing All Hallows Eve Trickster or Treater Contest

September 23, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 24 Comments

Fall is my favorite time of year and All Hallows Eve is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Valentine’s Day! To welcome the coming of the spooky fun day, I’m am excited to announce my TRICKSTER OR TREATER Contest, open to kitty cats, for a chance to win a kitty Pumpkinhead Party Collar.

Update as of 10/01/2017: The winner will also receive a Pumpkin Catnip Toy!

Contest details and how to enter here!

Pampered Whiskers Pumpkinhead Kitty Collar

Photo image credit: Pampered Whiskers

Pumpkin Catnip Cat Toy

Image credit: vkelleyetzy

I would call myself a treater ’cause I treat my humans with love all the time. Dad, on the other hand, thinks I’m more of a trickster. He says I’m a trickster every time I turn on his alarm clock, the “Dream Machine” (AKA Dreamy), early in the morning, a few minutes before it is programmed to sound. But you see, Dad should realize that I am meerly waking up the mechanical box so that it can then wake him up, it’s simple as that. I don’t feel confident that Dreamy will always wake up on time on it’s own; it runs by those “battery things” or wires afterall. There’s been times when it has blacked out completely for a few human minutes or even all day! Sometimes it flutters its display that tells me it is one circuit short of the landfill. So I make sure that my human gets up on time each and every day with or without Dreamy. I don’t think Dad appreciates that fact. I say, “Phht!” to you Dad (refer to the top image).

Sitting on the Dream Machine

Yes, my lil’ bean pads do like to perform little tap dances on the machine’s buttons, but I wouldn’t call that being a trickster, would you? They’re just dancing to the tune of my groaning belly that wishes to be fed. If I encourage Dreamy to sing along or play an instrument or two, then what a nice way for Dad to start the morning and inch his way closer to the kitchen where my food bowls are waiting to be filled. And for the oh so sleepy-headed one, I will even resound the alarm multiple times as needed to make sure he does not fail to take care of his duties as my servant. Because that’s the kind of loving treater I am. Tee hee hee.

I hope you have fun ushering in All Hallows Eve and consider purr-ticipating in my contest. Thank you for visiting my blog. Mew Mew!