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Bayer Profender for Cats: What I Learned, How it Works, & Other Dewormer Options

June 17, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 11 Comments

Did you know that Bayer offers a number of products to the veterinary industry, shelters and pet owners for cats? Flattie V (AKA my flat self, AKA my visual foam standin) got to chat with two Bayer representatives at the May BlogPaws Conference about Profender for cats, a topical dewormer. Mom has used this treatment on me on more than one occasion to rid me of tapeworms. Follow along with Flattie V as he poses questions to Dan Carey, DVM and Kerry Johnson, Bayer Animal Health Communications Manager.

Profender – Tapeworm Dewormer for Cats

How it Works

Flattie V: How quickly does Profender take effect after applied to the skin?

Dr. Carey: Tapeworm deworming happens within 24 hours, but a cat owner may see tapeworm segments for days. On the other worms, it starts working in two days.

Flattie V: How long does the treatment stay active in a pet’s system?

Dr. Carey: Profender is a purge dewormer that works to kill tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms in the cat at the time of administration. It won’t prevent the cat from being exposed again later. If a cat, for example ingests a flea after a 2-week period then he can be reinfected if the flea was carrying the parasite.

Flattie V: Does one dose do the trick? Or do you recommend a second?

Dr. Carey: A second dose is not required. Profender kills adult tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms as well as immature stages of rounds and hooks. No repeat dose is needed.

Flattie V: What would you say are the top questions people ask about Profender?

Dr. Carey: There are really two common questions cat owners ask about Profender.

  1. Why does my cat get intestinal parasites again when I’m using Profender? That’s because Profender isn’t a preventive, it’s a purge dewormer to address existing parasite infestations. If the cat is exposed to parasites again, it could get intestinal parasites again.
  2. Does it kill fleas? No. Even though it’s applied topically, it’s absorbed through the skin to kill the internal parasites and offers no external parasite prevention.

Product Safety

Flattie V: How do you address pet parents’ concerns about applying the topical treatment solution directly on their cat’s fur when cats by nature clean their fur multiple times a day?

Dr. Carey: The product is safe when used as directed.

Flattie V: Are there any severe side effects to the treatment? Is it safe to use on a cat that has health issues (i.e. kidney disease, upper respiratory infections, weak immune system, seasonal allergies), like Valentine?

Dr. Carey: One side effect is salivation that some cats experience.

Flattie V: There is a Basset Hound – Bessie – in my household. Is it safe for doggies to be around a cat when a cat is first treated?

Dr. Carey: No problems when used as directed.

Further Information

Flattie V: How long has Profender been recommended by the vet industry for pet owners as a cat dewormer?

Dr. Carey: Since its launch in 2007

Flattie V: Does Bayer offer any periodic rebates to consumers that purchase the product?

Kerry Johnson: Visit PetBasics to learn if there are any available rebate offers and to learn more about Profender.

People at Bayer Animal Health booth BlogPaws

Kerry Johnson (center) at Bayer booth, image by Carl Kerridge Photography

Other Dewormer Options

Flattie V: Do you know if Bayer has any plans to develop a chewy treat form or pill form of Profender, as another tapeworm dewormer option?

Kerry Johnson: Bayer does not offer a prescription Profender oral dewormer. Bayer does produce a nonprescription oral deworming product for cats called Tapeworm Dewormer (praziquantel) tablets for cats.

Dr. Carey: The drug works the same way as the topical against tapeworms. The disadvantage is that it is often difficult to get cats to take pills.

Flattie V: Mom does find it difficult getting Valentine to take pills of any sort! Tee hee hee! What would you say to the pet parent that is considering an over the counter treatment product versus a prescription one like Profender?

Dr. Carey: I prefer oral praziquantel and Pyrantel. Profender is my first choice.

Flattie V: What would you say are the most important things a pet parent should consider when selecting a pet dewormer treatment product and brand?

Dr. Carey: 1. Safety 2. Efficacy 3. Ease of administration 4. Cost – which can be variable

Flattie V: Val was rid of tapeworms after Mom treated him with Profender in the fall. But he just recently tested positive for them. Mom will be treating him when she returns home from the conference, so she’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the intruders have been eliminated from his little body.

That is all the questions that I have for you. I so appreciate you taking the time out in your busy schedule to meet with me. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, and Valentine will be pleased to share your information with his readers.

Staffed Bayer booth BlogPaws Conference

Dr. Carey (top right) & Kerry Johnson (bottom right), image by Carl Kerridge Photography.

Thanks Dr. Dan, Miss Kerry and thanks Bayer Animal Health for being a sponsor at the May BlogPaws Conference!

Have you ever used a dewormer product for your cat? And if so, which brand and in what form? For those of you that attended the BlogPaws Conference, did you stop and say “Hi” to Miss Kerry and Dr. Dan at the Bayer Animal Health vendor booth? If you liked reading this post, please also see “Tapeworms & A Tapeworm Survivor.” And watch for my upcoming post where I chat about my most recent Profender treatment experience. Thanks for visiting! Mew Mew!