Sassy Cassy Cat near Cactus

Beauty Tips With Sassy Cassy Cat

August 26, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 31 Comments

Did you know I have a lil’ sisfur? And I don’t mean my minion, Bessie the Basset Hound. I mean a KITTY sisfur? Well, I call Sassy Cassy Cat my lil’ sisfur, ’cause she is like a sisfur to me. I am proud of her! I met Cassy on Twitter and she has been a super furr-iend. She is always so su-purr-tive of me and so sweet and caring to her many, many followers. We stay in touch often and as one Persian kitty to another I wanted to ask her if she would discuss her Beauty Tips. Here is our chat including photos of our pals Casper, Sir Jeffy, Mr. Furrrrguson, and Isaiah:


Valentine: Hi! How are you today lil’ sisfur? What have you been up to this summer?

Sassy Cassy: Hi beautiful Valentine me so glad to be here! I’ve been keeping cool on hed a lot this hot humid summer and sit in window a lot too!

Valentine: Do you have a favorite summer photo you’d like to share of yourself?

Sassy Cassy: Me do hav a fav photo thos summer! It was my 12th birthday photo this August!


Image credit: Kay R

Valentine: I hope you had a splendid, furr-tastic birthday! You always look your best and take such cute photos!

Sassy Cassy: Aww thank you Valentine me try *blushing*


Valentine: Can you share with my readers your daily beauty routine?

Sassy Cassy: I always start the morning with my fav tuna treats then clean my fur and try and have lots of naps during the day.

Valentine: Many of us Persian kitties get tear stains below our eyes. What do you use to keep your face and eyes fresh and clean as a summer daisy?

Sassy Cassy: It hard to keep nice and clean but mom helps me and wipes them for me.


Sassy Cassy Cat Sibling Casper Cat

Casper. Image credit: Kay R

Sassy Cassy Cat Pal Sir Jeffy Cat

Smoke Persian Sir Jeffy. Image credit: Rebecca’s Photography @jeffythecat

Valentine: Mom brushes me almost daily. I’m so used to it. I don’t mind one bit, and in fact, it feels nice ‘cause I have itchy, flaky skin. Mom finds it relaxing to brush me and I enjoy being pampered. Do you like being brushed?

Sassy Cassy: That sounds so lovely Valentine how your mom brushes you daily! I like for mom to comb me too while I sit in her lap nicely but after a few minutes me has had enough and jump down!hehe!

My brofur Casper doesnt like being groomed tho but mom tries!

My beautiful fiance JeffyTheCat also stays beautiful and his mummy grooms him and his fur stays lovely all the time!

Valentine: Mom attempted to bathe me once in water, but I just wasn’t wanting any part of it. Tee hee hee. Do you allow your human to bathe you?

Sassy Cassy: NOOOO! Mom wouldn’t dare bathe me in water me would be MAD!hehe

Valentine: Your fur is so fluffy and well groomed. Do you get sent to a groomer?

Sassy Cassy: Ooooh me hate the groomer! This is true and I dont go every year but have sent him for stitches twice before and this is true! They all know Sassy at the vets where the groomer is! I am nice with the lady vet and nurse tho!

Valentine: That sounds like a hairy situation and not a pleasant experience for anypawdy! I don’t go to a groomer anymore, myself. Mom is my purr-sonal, in-house groomer, I guess you’d say. Tee hee hee.

Sassy Cassy: Mom not take me to groomer anymore because doesn’t want me sedated-the nurse trimmed a bit of my fur when went for check up a fee weeks ago. I eas good as could be!

Valentine: Your Mom is wise – I don’t want you sedated either! That wouldn’t seem right for just going in for a grooming! I found going to the groomer a stressful experience, too. The shelter sent me to the groomer right before my Gotcha Day, five years ago, so I’d be all fluffed out and look’in good when Mom and Dad came to pick me up. I still had lots of matts in my fur even then, so Mom spent a couple of days combing them out right after they adopted me.


Valentine: Do you like to wear bows and things in your furrs? And do you like to play dress up in costumes and clothes?

Sassy Cassy: NO!! Me wouldn’t let mom put a bow or collar or dress on me or her would be clawed and bitten bad!!hehe! Me think they are lovely on all the other anipals and kitties but me won’t have it at all-me just wear my fur!

Valentine: Oh, you show her the CLAW?! MOL! Mom put me in a tee shirt once, then I showed her the CLAW. Sometimes I let her put hats and ties on me, but only for a few “human minutes.”


You are a young lady, but do you have any secret beauty tips that you can share with other cats – young and old alike?

Sassy Cassy: Aww thank you for that lovely question me is 12 now so need lots of naps and also try and play with toys a bit each day to stay young!

Sassy Cassy Cat with Toys

Image credit: Kay R


Valentine: Cassy, how does a pretty girl like you stay so B-E-A-U-ti-FUL during the hot days of summer?

Sassy: The house has a/c and I stay comfy and mom combs me and me do clean myself a lot too!

Valentine: Your fur is golden like the sun. Do you enjoy laying in sun puddles? And where is your favorite spot to enjoy them? I like to lounge on an old oak stand where I can catch puddles by the front door.

Sassy Cassy: Ooooh Valentine that sounds wonderful on your oak stand! I like my sun porch if not too hot out there!

Sisfur Sassy Cassy Cat on Chair

Image credit: Kay R

Valentine: How do you protect your fair complexion and ears from getting sunburned? Do you limit your time in the sun puddles?

Sassy Cassy: Ooooh we not want sunburn and me limit my time in the sun and never am in direct sunlight.


Valentine: It’s been super hot here in O-R-E-gon. Bessie and I would’ve melted if it hadn’t been for the swirly fans. Mom placed cold wash cloths on the doggie’s forehead to cool her off. One time she wiped me down with a cloth. I had to go back and bathe myself after that.

Sisfur, do you have any tips for humans on how to keep kitties, and especially long-haired ones like us, cool when the temperatures get in the “red”?

Sassy Cassy: You [were] super hot in Oregon and your mom uses cloths on you to keep cool and do I have tips to stay cool. Bless your mom she is very smart to use the cool cloths on you and Bessie and that is what my mom would recommend too!


Image credit: Kay R

Valentine: Our mutual furr-iend, Mr. Furrrrguson, sometimes gets his coat shaved to stay cooler. I don’t remember ever having been shaved before. Mom says I’d look like a mini, black Fraggle. Not sure what she means, but I think I’ll keep my long coat. Furrrrg wears the “lion cut” like a true King, don’t you think? Have you ever gotten one?

Sassy Cassy Cat Pal Mr Furrrrguson

Mr. Furrrrguson. Image credit: Furrrrguson

Sassy Cassy Cat Pal Isaiah Lion Cut

Isaiah. Image credit: Furrrrguson

Sassy Cassy: Ooh yes Mr Furrrg is always so stylish and looks his best every day and love his Lion Furcut!  Me has had Lion Cuts in the summer also! I like them and feel good when have had them!

Valentine: I like his brofur Isaiah’s lion cut, too!


Can you believe fall is just around the kitty corner?! Do you have any fall beauty tips that are different than those for summer?

Sassy Cassy: Oooh yes be sure to have your catnaps in the most comfy comforter or blanket you can find! Stay warm and snuggly and always lick fur clean.

Valentine: All excellent tips! It was so fun chatting with you, sisfur. THANKS A BUNCH! for letting me interview you for my bloggie. I sure appurr-ciate you answering my questions and sharing your thoughts and tips! Big hugs for you and a smooch on your forehead! And THANKS also to Casper, Sir Jeffy, Mr. Furrrrguson, and Isaiah for letting me use their images! Purrs.

Sassy Cassy: Thank YOU so much beautiful Valentine! It has been such fun and an honor to be interviewed by you! Big hugs and have loved it and thank you!

Isn’t my sisfur a doll?! I want her to come to my house and stay and play! Do you have a lil’ sis? Do you have any beauty questions for Sassy Cassy? I hope you will visit her and our pals on Twitter! If you liked this post, please also see ” Mew Mew!

Feature image of Sassy Cassy Cat siting near cactus. Image credit: Kay R. Image cropped.