Valentine Cat and Prototype toy Kitty

Sunday Selfies: Me and Simmy

Guess what?A package came the other day!Well it was addressed to Mom, but it was actually for me.Auntie sent a stuffed toy she crocheted.It is a "prototype" she said.I've named it Simmy, 'cause it looks similar to me, except that it has dark blue eyes and has a smooth coat.Auntie says the fin ...
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Valentine Cat Whiskey Boy
Mew Mew it's me!Do you like my pose?Mom took this photo just yesterday, and well, it is just one of those photographs that just looks better in black and white.I think Mom now has a new nickname for me.And it's not that I drink whiskey, 'cause I've heard that's kind of like drinking fire wate ...
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Valentine Cat Looks Up from Treadmill 2
Mom made her first big purchase of the Mew Year a couple of days ago when she bought a big, black machine she calls a "treadmill."She says something about wanting to have "better endurance."She also has this CRAZY idea that she's going to get Bessie the Basset Hound to use the treadmill with ...
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Valentine Opens Christmas Presents
Mom and Dad FINALLY returned from their trip to both Grandma and Grandpa's over Christmas.They were gone an awfully long time.They came home on the mew year, so I didn't have to spend another holiday all by my lonesome!I didn't get to open my presents until they got all unpacked and settled, which m ...
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