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Wordy Wordless Wednesday: Cat Shelves for Me from Tiny’s Tree

January 24, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 46 Comments

Mew Mew hellos. My furr-iends Dezi and RaenaBelle at Deziz World and Mr. Jack and his fursibs at Chirpy Cats, have fun posts on the their blogs talking about giving kitties some places up high to hang out on, ‘cause many of us like to be on top of the world. This is so we can get a better perspective as to what’s going on in our household. For some of us it’s also a way to get some alone time away from fursibs, little humans, big humans or the pawparazzi. For others, it’s the natural need to climb, and for still others it’s just about mixing up the daily routine a bit. For me, it’s sometimes a combination of those reasons. And I am proud to say that I now have my very own cat shelves high on the wall thanks to my Dad and Tiny’s Tree.

I Call this My “Shelfie Selfie”

The Story of Tiny’s Tree

Many years ago a farmer planted a black walnut seed just beyond his house, on a plot of land situated in a rural valley. The seed soon became a seedling and the seedling in time grew into a mature, robust tree. Year after year the farmer farmed his lands and the tree served as a shady canopy for happy livestock during sun-filled days and as a protective cover during periods of rain. As time passed the farmer eventually grew old, tired, and frail, as did the tree, which became sick with a pesky bug. It was a slow sickness, but it eventually weakened the tree so it no longer stood lush and green and leafy, but stood sad, weather beaten and brittle.

Dad would drive by the tree on his way to work at the airport and had the opportunity to meet the old farmer, nicknamed “Tiny”, to learn the story of how the tree came to be. It wasn’t long after Tiny died that the tree, now wide-spread with disease that hollowed out much of its core, had to be taken down. Mom felt sad for the tree, ‘cause it had stood for so long. The tree went OTRB in 2014, reuniting with the farmer in the clouds. It had lived for over 100 years. I guess that would be 500 years in kitty time!

According to Dad, in honor of the farmer and the tree, the airport had the wood “kiln dried”, then planed down and crafted into a fine, sturdy table and credenza for the administration department’s conference room. A plaque is planned to be placed on the table with the farmer’s name. I sure hope the plaque acknowledges the tree, too.

Dad was able to secure a small slab of walnut and a few remnant pieces from the airport’s project stash to make two, table leaves for mom’s old table and some shelves for me. He started constructing the shelves before Christmas and finished them up just last weekend when he hung them on the wall. Of course, I had to supervise the process.

Wearing My Kitty Carpenter Hat

Make Sure it is Level and Secured to the Wall, Dad

The shelves project was most likely initiated, ‘cause of my humans’ reaction against me taking a giant leap from my low red chair to the top of the armoire, catching the edge of it with my claws to pull myself up. (Tip: Don’t try it at home kittens, for it’s only for powerful, skilled jumper kitties like myself. Yes, Persian pussy cats can jump!) When I wanted to get down from the armoire I used my further acrobatic skills to balance on the edge of an opened door and did a swan dive back down to my chair. Mom didn’t care for my methods – her right eye seemed to twitch when she watched me perform my death defying stunts, thinking I’d fall or that her armoire would get all scratched up. That is when Mom and Dad decided it was high time (pun intended) for some shelves.

Now I have an easier access to the top of the armoire, ‘cause I can scale up the wall by way of my new wood platforms and cross over to it! Cool, right?! But funny, Mom now keeps setting me up on the shelves as if I didn’t know how to use them. Or else maybe she thinks I’m a little sculpture (I say Immortal Prince) that needs to be put on a high pedestal – well she’s got that right!

I guess I’ll put my Cirque du Soleil moves to use somewhere else in the house. Hmm… there is that place on top of the kitchen cupboards…

Anyways, I think of the old tree that was. I wonder what it would’ve been like to curl up under it to take a catnap on a warm summer’s day, or to climb up it to search out a birdie nest, or to sit atop it and peer down at the fields below for mousies, or to hone my claws on its tough hide. Thank you, Tiny’s Tree, for letting me keep a part of you.

Do you have places up high for your kitty to escape to? I would love for you to comment.

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