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CATMY Award Nominees 2018: Best Cat Character in Animated Feature

February 4, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 34 Comments

This sure is a fun time of year if you are a movie awards fan, like Mom and me. We don’t watch all the award shows, but we try to catch at least a few of them each year. I, of course, watch them while curled up on a blankie and in the warm comfort of her lap. But did you know that I host my own CATMY awards? No, they’re not aired on the TV, but they’re mewed about right here on my blog! Tee hee hee. I started the CATMYs in 2015 to extend the award season a bit, for those that were having award show withdrawals. This year I have decided to announce the nominees a little earlier, so that you, my furr-iends and readers, can have a chance to view some of the movies before I announce the winners. I focus the awards on only a pawful of categories, ‘cause… well, those are the ones that interest me and I think they’ll be of interest to you, too. For this post we’ll look at my nominees for Best Cat Character in an Animated Feature and Best Animated Feature.

Before I get to the nominees, let me mention this. I first had draw up a list of all the animated films that were feature length. Only those that were released in 2017 were considered for the 2018 award season, and there were many, so-o many. For the CATMY’s I look at only those that include an animated cat character(s) or animated cat-like character(s) (i.e. panther, lion, tiger). That narrows the long list down quite a bit to the following movies:

*Animal Crackers
*Captain Underpants
Cinderella the Cat
*The Croods 2
Emoji Movie
*The Jungle Bunch
Mary and the Witch’s Flower
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

*Asterik denotes: animated cat-like character only

Of the movies above the majority use an animated kitty only in small bit role, with only a few that use them in supporting roles. And only one uses an animated kitty in a starring role, though that role is shared with a mouse! Four, those depicted with the *, of the eleven movies use an animated cat-like character. I say, the movie world is in dire need of animated cat leads these days!

CATMY Nominees for Best Cat Character in an Animated Feature and Best Animated Feature

And the nominees are:

Cat Character “Pepita”
Animated Feature: Coco

One of my favorite characters in Coco is Pepita, a type of winged, spirit anipal with the body of a big cat and the feathers and talons of an eagle! When things start to go south for Miguel, the main character of the story, the green beastie flies through the air and comes to his rescue. And at one point in the story Pepita turns into a little alley cat when he pays a brief visit to the world of the living. When watching this movie I think of all the kitties from the real world that have gone OTRB and imagine that they, too, are now great Pepitas in the spirit world.

Coco is a tale about a boy named Miguel that lives in a small village in Mexico with his family of shoe makers. Miguel dreams of being a musician instead of taking on the family craft. He becomes disgruntled with his family, because they have turned their backs to music of any kind. And so Miguel runs off to pursue his dream of competing in a local competition that takes place during the dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration. But first he needs to find himself a guitar to replace his that gets broken. He decides to “borrow” the guitar of a music legend, but before he gets a chance to play it he finds himself mysteriously transported to the land of the dead. EEK! There he meets his music idol that he believes to be his father, and must decide which world he belongs in and who to trust.

What a cultural treat this movie is with its sites, sounds and street activity! The colors are so vivid! The songs make me want to get up and dance and mew. The animation is delightful!

Cat Character “Azrael”
Animated Feature Smurfs: The Lost Village

Azrael is an orange-and-white pussy cat and the evil Gargamel’s sidekick. Azreal is always one or two steps ahead of his master. Vocalizing in his own language, he tries to alert Gargamel as to opportunities, problems and solutions that arise, and Gargamel, like most humans, doesn’t listen and ends up taking all the credit. When Gargamel tries to shrug him off or “shush” him up, Azrael’s frustration is written in cute expressions on his face. He is a very patient and loyal pussy cat, sticking by Gargamel’s side no matter how crazy and wild his master’s schemes happen to be. He is also not afraid to get his paws dirty. I sure would like to have Azrael around, ’cause he can decode maps and that could come in very handy if he came along on my pirating adventures.

Smurfs: The Lost Village poses the question in the movie “What is a Smurfette?” As she is the only girl smurf in a village full of boy smurfs, she of all of them wants to know the answer to the question the most. When she discovers a smurf-sized, yellow hat in the trees, she suspects there may be another like her. She then sneaks out of her village, accompanied by her brothers Hefty, Brainy, and Clumsy, to go find the source of the hat in the Forbidden Forest. The four manage to escape the evil Gargamel along the way, who is always scheming to get the smurfs and steal their powers in his goal to become the most powerful wizard. This time he changes his latest plan when he, too, starts to suspect that there is a lost village of smurfs. Smurfette and her brothers must find and warn the yellow-dressed girls of the lost village that Gargamel is coming. But Gargamel’s relentless pursuits create obstacle after obstacle for Smurfette and her brothers. It is up to Smurfette to figure out if she has it in herself to save the lost village and her own from the villain, and to do so she has to discover what makes her special.

I was fascinated by the Forbidden Forest with its fanciful flying insects! The dragonflies, referred to as a “subspecies of insects,” in oranges, yellows, greens and reds, are oversized and breath fire! I imagine be on the backs of one and soaring through the sky and the trees and over the waterfalls! And I want one of those chattering lady bugs, with the big eyes that can print maps, sketch images in the dirt, and take selfies! That could come in handy for my pirating adventures and for my Sunday Selfies photos!

Wow, this was a pawsome movie and so richly colored! The dialogue is witty and the situations the characters find themselves had me standing up on Mom’s lap and eyes fixed at the screen!

Cat Character “Tom”
Animated Feature:Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factor

Oh who doesn’t love the antics of blue kitty Tom and the little brown antagonist mouse Jerry? There are always the cat-and-mouse chase scenes in their films, but the two are also capable of working together for a worthy cause. They are wordless, yet speak… what is that phrase humans use… “volumes” through their expressions and actions. Though Jerry may be considered a main character along with Tom, I really think Tom is the true star! He is the cautious, skeptical one, but also courageous and a comic genius. And like all us real kitties this animated cat is an opportunist when it comes to food. It is super funny in this latest release when he envisions Jerry as a wrapped Wonka bar that he wants to munch on. Now I consider myself a very patient pussy cat, but sooner or later that mousie would land in my belly and STAY there! Tee hee hee!

This 2017 movie version of the classic book offers a cute twist with the addition of Tom and Jerry. The two find that food isn’t always easy to come by living on the streets. They befriend young Charlie Bucket when Charlie selflessly gives them a loaf of bread, even though he struggles to feed his own poverished family. When Tom and Jerry learn that Charlie hopes to find a prized golden ticket to tour the famous Chocoloate Factory, the cat and mouse team up to find a way to make it happen for their new pal that showed them kindness. This means having to find a way to make some quick money and to locate some Wonka bars that are guarded by a snarling, grumpy Bulldog. When Charlie and his Grandpa Joe win a chance to tour the factory, it is Tom and Jerry who learn that there is a spy lurking around the factory. Tom and Jerry make it their mission to find a way into the factory themselves. They want to warn Wonka, the reclusive owner who doesn’t like animals, that the evil Slughorn is trying to steal his secret candy formula.

The traditional animation style of this film is true to the Tom and Jerry cartoons of old that we have come to know and love. The cat-and-mouse chase scenes had me on the edge of my momma’s lap and ready to hone my nails on my cat post. Hmm… is that a mousie I hear in my housie?

Is there an animated film that you think should be nominated? I would love for you to comment. And I encourage you to take a break in your busy life, curl up in a warm spot and watch some of the movies listed. They’re sure to get your kitty purring. And purr-lease keep an eye out for my upcoming post where I’ll announce the the CATMY winner. Mew Mew!

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