Count Valentino in Moonlit Darkness

Count Into the Darkness

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The tale of Love on the High Seas began with my dearest lady furr-iend, Erin the Cat Princess. Together we continue the tale. I would be most delighted if you followed along here as Count Prince Von Valentino ventures Into the Darkness.

As you remember, Count Prince Von Valentino was last upset, because the dinner he had arranged for the princess had been foiled by cursed mousies…

Chapter 4 – Part 1: “Count Into the Darkness”, paw penned by moi


For the next few days and nights I found myself fade in and out of kitty consciousness.  I mewed silent screams and murmured the words “My Pri-n-ces-s…,” as my head flopped from side to side on my goose down pillow. For the brief moments when my eyes could open, albeit just slits, I could only make out shadows beyond my watery black lashes. My body shivered with fever under the red, Jacquard blankets.  I couldn’t help but relive the recent events over and over in my head…Count Prince Valentino Resting in Bed

Those mousies had been a clever bunch.  They had caught my staff and myself off guard – and taken spoils with them.  Somehow I had lost a battle with Captain El Mignon
Mouse-Morsels’s second mate.  Within minutes of being stabbed by that cocktail-stick wheeling wretch, Velmer Edgar Tail (AKA The V-E-T), I realized I had been poisoned.  The pain in my derriere was excruciating.  My eyes were becoming watery.  Sharp details around me were fading to nothingness except for the hallowed, beady black eyes that stared back at me.  At one moment I thought I spotted a mysterious object that streaked across the night sky as a sort of shooting star and two, faint kitty voices mewing “Mosey” from that light. Those cursed mousies are toying with my mind, I thought.  My head was becoming clouded, my body collapsed.  Cursed mousies.  I then knew they had been called upon to do the Will-a-Mutt’s bidding.  I lay on my mosaic terrace, tummy to the sky, my black floof dampened by the misty sprays from my fountain.  I lie there just long enough to hear their master’s raging roars echo in my ears.  Somehow, I remember thinking the Mutt had penetrated the forest and was now lapping at the sides of my terrace walls.  And then I blacked out…

On the fourth night, I awoke and the pain in my derriere had eased up somewhat.  And though my eyes were still watery, I could now see details before me.  I could make out my butler, who to my surprise now had what appeared to be a large gash in the shape of a “W” above his right eye and a gaping hole in his mouth where two golden teeth used to be.  He set down a tray of soup (shipped in from The Great Bear Tasty Chicken Ranch Inc. before it was sacked) and slices of homemade bread.  I slowly raised my head and shifted my paws to help prop myself up.  “My princess…  I need to go to her—“  But Butler pushed me back on my pillow and spooned a bit of purple, syrupy substance into my mouth before I could continue. 

“You stay right here.  You are still too weak.  You need more rest and you need to eat.” 

“But the Prin—,“ I winced and broke into a dry, scratchy cough before I could continue. 

Captain Basil has sent word. Cat’ptain Erin has been informed.  She is in good paws,” Butler insisted. Then he stood up, pulled the velvet hangings to a close at the tester, blew out the candle near the door, and left the room for the night.

The next day came and I was finally able to keep down a bit of food at lunch and dinner. Each followed by a spoonful of that nasty syrup that made me want to yack.  Butler came back at bedtime to give me another dose of medicine.  But as soon as I heard the latch at the door click shut and was satisfied that he had gone for the night, I drew back a section of the drape, leaned over the side of the bed and spit out the purple gunk !!PATOOEY!! into the porcelain pot on the floor.  I hadn’t slept a kitty wink that entire day for I was consumed with worry about the princess.  And though still weak, I knew what I had to do.  I needed to go to her… there was something telling me that she might be in danger.  I crossed my paws that she still had the pearl with her, for it would help guide her to safety until I could be at her side.

Note to Butler From Valentino

I managed to slowly swing my leg over the edge of the bed, my claws clinging to the hangings for support as I pulled myself to a swaggered stand. My legs wobbled a bit until I could force them to be steady.  I knew I wasn’t nearly full strength, but I felt I could walk.  I moved to the desk, dipped the quill with sterling claw nib into the little, gilded reservoir filled with squid ink, and pawed a note to Butler. Fetching my red and black sashes that rested on the bergere and grabbing some gear for the road, I limped to the doorway.

Mini Portrait Painting Princess Erin CatAs quiet as I could muster, I opened the door and exited the chamber, heading down the steps and into the foyer below.  The handsome, floofi black devil smiled at me as I reached for my hat that hung from a brass hook alongside the silver glass. “This kitty still has more lives… Arrr!,” I silently mewed to him and he winked back at me. With my red sash now fitted across my chest, I reached in its inner pocket and pulled out the miniature portrait painting of my princess, my black-and-white beauty with the eyes of the sea.  I pawed a kiss to her then tucked her back away.  Next, I glanced behind both shoulders to make sure I was alone, then I pushed open the secret compartment at the glass and reached for my cutlass with hilt ablaze of rubies and jets.  With black cloak fastened about my neck, I slipped out the back through the hand carved, walnut doors onto the terrace, letting out a couple of deep, body shaking !!HACK!! !!HACK!! coughs as I met with the chilly night air. 

I found my trusted steed, Ginger Bess, asleep in the barn just beyond the terrace, her jowls inflating with every peaceful breath she took in.  And though no show pony, her legs short with knobby knees, I knew she was the fastest this side of the Cascades and could smell out a hare (or rat?) from miles away.  The barn like my manor had been ransacked by the cursed mousies but somehow Steed came away scathe free.  Patting her head, I saddled her up then rode off into the darkness to find my princess…

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