Valentine Cat Forever Thine Dahlia

Dahlia Forever Thine – Not for the Feline

August 23, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 44 Comments

This is a blossom from Mom’s outdoor flower pot. She says it came from the “Seattle Dahlia” that she bought at the Little Red Farm Nursery back in July. Isn’t it pretty? But you know what? SD has a strong, pungent odor – like moist kitty food that’s been left in the cold box far beyond its prime! How can something so lovely, smell not so very nice?! But I think its odeur puante is a warning, ’cause the dahlia happens to be toxic to eat according to the ASPCA. I can tell you that this kitty has no desire to even taste something that makes my little nose twitch from the stink. But there are some pets that might be curious enough to sample. So listen humans, make sure your kitty or D-O-G doesn’t eat or nibble on any part of the plant including tuber, stem, and petals. Mom, I hope next time you pick une fleur non parfum茅e et non toxique! The symbol of FOREVER THINE is NOT FOR THE FELINE!

Do you grow dahlias in your garden? I would love for you to comment. I hope you liked this Wordless Wednesday post and if you did, please also see “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Where Did the Color Go EOS?” Mew Mew!