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Dearest, You Are ALIVE!

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Oh my, can you believe we are almost reaching the end of the pirate romance series that myself and Erin the Cat Princess have partnered up to paw (write) for you. In this next chapter, penned by moi, the Captain – Count Princes Von Valentino is relieved that his princess has managed to escape death.

We last left Count Valentino as he and Freakin’ Frank finished off the bad Cardinal Camembert. The mom kraken carried the princess over to Valentino and lowered her onto the dock and she slowly started to come to.

Chapter 15: “Dearest, You Are ALIVE!”, paw penned by moi

I looked up from my hanky in wonderment into the eyes of my love after hearing her words. “Dearest, you are ALIVE!” I embraced her, burying my face into her perfumed furrs. “Oh thank the Heavens! I thought ye had left me and I couldn’t bear a life without my lil’ black and white dove, ‘cause there is only one Princess Erin! And you are the cure to my coughs, too!” My heart rose back into place, grew back to its original full size and steadied itself in its cavity, still thumping rapidly. I lifted my head, “Are ye in pain my beloved, tell me honestly?” I said with concern written all over my face. “Oh my love, I was but that oil it soothed the pain from without,” Erin gestured with faltering paws to her bloodied ears. “And then I saw your face and my heart and aches were healed from within by the warmth of thy smile and being in your arms once more.” “Shall I send for a doctor to look ye over just to be sure? Why, I could have Surgeon Hugo here in lightning speed from my ship,” thinking I could deploy Kal. We looked into each other’s eyes and Erin drew me in and said in a low tone, “It is ok, but if you have a salve to paw? I have a nasty mouse bite on the bum, and it doesn’t half smart something terrible!” She gave a shy wink and we embraced once more, I with a lighter heart than many a day past.”

Then I felt her silky beans at my cheeks. “But dearest, it seems you have been wounded,” she looked up at the bit of red at my left brow. “That, oh it’s nothing. Just a small scratch is all. I had a little confrontation with an unsavory canine foe just a bit ago. But after a brief and intense negotiation, he agreed to my terms and vacated. No worries,” said I. “Camembert… is he?” She felt a little light headed still. “Foiled my sweet. And no more harm will come to ye,” said I. “But how?” questioned she. “I had a little help from Freakin’ Frank. I believe you know of him.” She thought for a moment, then, “Let me guess, he walloped Camembert?” “Twice, and right into the boiling cheese!” I affirmed. And we both started to giggle as we turned our heads to the side and looked at the large vat. We listened and could hear the gurgling, rolling bubbles as the cheese inside continued to cook. I turned back to her, “Ye can lay hear as long as ye like – until you feel ye have your strength back.” Then she thought a moment and was struggling to make sense of the pictures that came to mind. “What is it Princess. Tell me?” “I remember being entwined,” she gestured wrapping her arms about her chest, “by something… It felt well, sort of spongy… something soft. It was if I was being lifted into the clouds… And then…” she stopped. “Go on,” I urged her. “And then I saw… an eye… two eyes, yes, I think it was two, great big eyes looking at me!… And that’s the last thing I can remember-” she broke off her arms dropped to her sides.

The princess started to push herself up and as she did she felt the same softness against her pads that she had just described. “Huh?!” she muffled as she looked down and realized she was on a tentacle! And then she saw over my shoulder two, large eyes that were fixed to a mass and she almost hacked up her second fur ball of the day.” “It’s OK my love!” I braced her back with one paw and motioned with the other. “That is the kraken you freed from the cage just moments before you blacked out. Ye helped her and she in turn helped ye by bringing ye to me.” The two large eyes blinked at Princess Erin as if to say, “Everything will be OK.” Then a second kraken mass came from behind the other and the two were now standing side by side. “And that there is Kalvin Mar, or Kal for short. You see, it seems he has just reunited with this mother. The two had an instant connection when he sensed her from the water while waiting for me.” Kal then placed one of his suction arms around the middle of the mom kraken and his eyes seemed to smile proudly. “Kal is not an orphan as he thought himself to be,” I continued. Erin could hardly believe what she was seeing and slumped back onto the mom’s tentacle. “You just lay there a bit longer, there is no hurry,” I reassured her. The princess closed her eyes and practiced her breathing exercises as taught by Captain Basil Blackheart’s fursib Amber. She started to let herself enjoy the sensory pleasure of the bed beneath her. It feels like a pillow top, she thought to herself. And she started counting kittens leaping over a fallen tree and she fell asleep.

Kal Mar Kraken and Mom Kraken

While the princess lay napping, I gave Kal a belated thanks for pulling my ship across the gulf and for being my transportation to shore. With the tip of his arm he nudged my shoulder as his way of accepting my thanks. I thanked Mom kraken, too, for aiding the princess and she came in for a hug with her free arms, sliming me up as she started to sob. I looked back at Kal. His prolonged stare informed me that her tears were for her partner – the dad kraken. She cried because she didn’t know where he was or how to return to him. “Fear not, Madame Beastie, for I have a solution. Your new-found son, has a couple of magical muses that I am sure can locate him for ye. And then your family will be reunited as three.” Funny, I thought to myself, how these ventures of mine often leave me in prose. At that moment the princess stretched and yawned. She reminded me of a purr-fectly formed rosebud just opening its first petal, in my garden terrace back at home. I drew down beside her and helped her upright. Then we embraced and she kissed me and all the black furrs flushed at my face and she giggled. “Are you up for a stroll, my dear?” my paw around her waist to make sure she was steady on her feet. “Why yes, yes, I think that would be very nice.” She smiled sending my insides all a flutter.

So paw in paw we walked along the waterfront enjoying the company of each other. Then before we could reach a certain little shop on the corner, I motioned for us to stop, “I have a surprise for you.” And I pulled my black satin face sash out of my work bag and placed it over her eyes. “A surprise?! Oh, how I love surprises!” “Now you mustn’t peek,” said I nudging her forward until we were now outside the door of ‘The House of Sweet Perfections: Diamonds & Tiaras for the Royals & Celebrities.’ !!DING DING!! Went the shop bell as we crossed the threshold. The shop was like a little slice of Paris – several mini chandeliers hung from the embossed, tin ceiling and lit up the shop like the city of lights herself. A pink, silk chaise lounge topping a floral Aubusson rug sat in a niche by the front window drizzled with fine diamonds like sprinkles on a cupcake, the rich frosting a silvery white lady cat all sprawled out with her lace fan. Brulee pulled herself up off the lounge to greet us and walked us to the counter. Then her sister, Truffle, just as luxuriously long-coated as she, appeared from a back room.

Brulee on Pink Chaise with Fan

Brulee with her lace fan

“An order for Valentino,” said I. “Yes, of course,” the sisters bowed at me then sized up the princess and nodded. Then Truffle pulled from behind the counter a little pink velvet box, opened it and presented it in her paws as if modeling it for a magazine spread. I picked up the sparkly contents of the box and rested it on the princess’s head. “Surprise!” I mewed as I removed the sash from her eyes and at the same time Brulee placed a mirror in her paw. Princess Erin stared into the silver glass and delighted at what she saw, having dreamed of a moment like this, but was not sure if or when it would come true. “Ooh, it is beautiful, Valentino,” she turned her head side to side to view herself at each angle and looked and looked and marveled and then, “Do you think it comes in black?”

The sisters furrowed their brows for a brief moment in disbelief, though their bodies remained poised. I looked at Brulee and her furrow brow relaxed and her face lit up as if it, too, were a mini chandelier and she nodded. I turned back to the princess, “Anything for you, my dear. I would search out the Golden Cream Mines of El Creamado for you,” said I kissing her right paw and cheek. The sisters’ eyes then seemed to smile as they looked at the happy couple before them. “But first shall we have a holiday?” said I. And the princess said, “Well you know the Caribbean is supposed to be pretty nice this time of year… Will it be your place or mine?” I felt my cheeks go flush again as she said those words. “We haven’t had lunch yet, dearest.” Then she said, “Well I know of a good place…” We continued to chat as we turned to leave the store. The sisters paw-waved good bye and I exchanged winks with them. “Come see us again, Valentino-” their voices broke off as we exited.

Truffle and Princess Erin with Tiara

Truffle with Princess Erin

After a lunch of crème fresh topped crawfish at ‘Dezi and Raena Belle’s Southern Grill’, a quaint spot nestled three streets back from the waterfront, the princess and I returned to the dock. There we met up with Kal and his mom who were where we had left them earlier. They were now accompanied by Kadae and Kitsu. The Sirenmese twins had been rowed to shore by Mr. Fuzz from The Black Floof. They were now chatting up a storm with excitement at now being on the mainland and about their upcoming journey with the krakens to find the kraken patriarch. “So this is the infamous Princess Erin,” said Kitsu as she grabbed the princess’s paws and held them out to her side. “Yes, I’m the original – the one and only,” Princess Erin replied. Kitsu was impurr-essed with the quick-witted response and voiced her approval. Kadae hugged the princess and then hugged me as if we had always been her family.

“Hello, Captain,” said Mr. Fuzz as he handed me a new black hat complete with red plume. “Arr… I think this will be my favorite yet!” I patted him on the shoulder. He turned to the princess, “Captain Erin, err Ma ‘lady,” and bowed to her as he helped her into the longboat. I then hopped in after her. “Are ye ready, Captain.” “Aye, Mr. Fuzz… to The Floof,” I paw pointed to the ship that now was proudly dressed in her black sails. And we rowed off.

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