Tortie Cat Pip in Her Backyard

Almost Wordless Wednesday: The Demands of a Tortie Cat

November 8, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 37 Comments

Do you recognize this lovely Tortie cat? If you guessed “Pip” you are so smart! Some of you know that she is a member of my Noir Kitty Mews staff as is her sisfur Winona. I have been calling Pip “My Juliet” for several years even though she has never returned my affections or acknowledged my charms without a hiss or a glare. It is true. I don’t think she finds me handsome or cute. She still comes to my door, but I have been slow to realize it is not to see me. Pip demands pets from my humans and can never get enough of them. I guess I’ll never be her Romeo, but I would like to be her furr-iend.

We See You Pip

Pip doesn’t care for the camera and usually lowers her head and shuts her eyes or turns her back to it. But every once in awhile Mom lucks out and gets the look. Mom gets to take care of Pip and Winona when their humans are on vacation. I don’t get to go with her next door to check on them, but I know when she has ’cause she returns home wearing their purr-fume.

Meowing for Pets

Do you think Pip will ever want to be my furr-iend? I would love for you to comment. And thanks for viewing my post! Mew Mew!