Valentine Cat with Shelter Animal Resource Alliance Staff

Swag and Donations for Animal Charity: Shelter Animal Resource Alliance

June 25, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 19 Comments

Flattie V brought home a big tote full of “swag,” a perk of being an attendee at the May BlogPaws Conference. Mom placed the tote on my table and it instantly became my favorite nesting spot. I inspected all the goodies it bestowed from various kitty and D-O-G brands. I asked Mom to set aside a few swag items for me, Bessie, and cousin Kenner. I then informed her that I wanted the bulk of the swag, sans tote, to go to the Shelter Animal Resource Alliance (S.A.R.A.) of Eugene, OR. That’s because I am a nice kitty. Mom and I recently messaged the kind S.A.R.A. staff and paid a visit to the nonprofit to present the donation. And we had some great news to share with them, too! Pet360 Media Solutions will be making a $500 donation to S.A.R.A. on behalf of Noir Kitty Mews. I am thrilled that my blog was a BlogPaws 2017 Nose-to-Nose Award winner, because it has allowed me to select S.A.R.A., a most deserving animal rescue charity, to receive the monies.


Donations all boxed up for S.A.R.A.

Mom and I learned about S.A.R.A. early last year through a newspaper ad in the Eugene Weekly. Its mission is “to rescue, assist, and advocate for shelter animals in Lane County.” S.A.R.A. takes in kitties and doggies that due to age, health issues, and/or special needs, pose more of a challenge to rehome. S.A.R.A. also rescues animals that would have otherwise been put down at other shelters. I can’t imagine any animal being put down if there is even the slightest chance that it could have a forever home! The nonprofit also runs a small store, S.A.R.A.’s Treasures, to help with expenses. Fundraisers are scheduled throughout the year such as a “Plant and Artisan Sale” that features hanging baskets and gift plants, organic veggies and herbs, garden supplies, and perennials and annuals. There are also “Parking Lot Sales” held on certain Saturdays during the months of May through October, where new and used items are available for purchase, including household wares, jewelry, home décor, clothing, accessories, and books. Fundraisers help build up S.A.R.A.’s medical fund to cover the costs of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, FIV/FeLV testing, microchipping, and various medical treatments for young and old animals it takes in.

Valentine Cat with Shelter Animal Resource Alliance Staff2

Me & Mom with S.A.R.A. Executive Director Melinda McCormick

During our visit earlier this month with Miss Melinda, Miss Nicole, and Miss Kelly and other S.A.R.A. staff, handsome kitties Clifford and Gonzo were brought outside for a group photo opportunity with me and Mom. (See photo at top of post.) Clifford, Gonzo and myself are all color coordinated in the photo. I’m not sure why the humans weren’t! Of the kitties in S.A.R.A.’s care, Clifford and Gonzo have been with the organization for the longest amount of time, still patiently waiting for their forever homes.


Adoptable kitty Clifford

Clifford is an amazing 7-year-old cat who is looking for a person or family who will keep him forever (he is very loyal and has had a rough life so far; at least 3 families abandoned him). He loves to sit on your lap, snuggle in bed, and find the sunniest spot for napping. When feeling playful he loves to chase string. Clifford has a “giddy up in his get-a-long” –his shoulder was incorrectly fused from an accident before we rescued him, giving him an unusual gate. We support him with fish oil and a glucosamine supplement. Clifford is such a devoted companion he does not want to share with other cats or dogs. -S.A.R.A.

Gonzo Shelter Animal Resource Alliance

Adoptable kitty Gonzo

Gonzo is an outgoing, playful tuxedo cat who loves giving hugs and climbing on shoulders. This affectionate guy is S.A.R.A.’s longest resident in the program, largely because he has one request: an outdoor enclosure. He loves going outside, but doesn’t have much street smarts. Years ago, when Gonzo was returned to the program, he was treated for severely infected injuries that were acquired as a result of his previous adopter breaking S.A.R.A.’s Indoor-Only Contract. Along with the strong urge to be outside, Gonzo has also become the cat Houdini; able to escape through any door. Here at S.A.R.A.’s Treasures, Gonzo gets to spend the nice days in his outdoor enclosure, taking in the sights and smells. He is waiting for the perfect family to take him home, where they can provide a safe catio for his enjoyment, as well as have enough cat guardian experience and live in a safe area to manage Gonzo’s slippery escape tactics. But for now, Gonzo will continue to live at S.A.R.A.’s Treasures, where he can mingle with customers and his roommate Sweet Potato in his XL suite, or enjoy the sun outside in his home-away-from-home. -S.A.R.A.


If you live in or are stopping through the Eugene, O-R-E-gon, area, I encourage you to visit the Shelter Animal Resource Alliance in person to learn more about the animal charity and to give pets to Clifford and Gonzo and the other furry animals on site. Or visit online. You can show your support of S.A.R.A.’s cause by: 1) shopping at its store, 2) donating a vehicle, 3) making monetary donations for veterinary bills & medical supplies, 4) making monetary donations in a person’s or pet’s honor, 5) including S.A.R.A. in your will through estate planning, 6) including a donation jar at your place of business, 7) donating such things as paper towels, cat food, stamps, tape, etc. by 8) signing up for community rewards through Fred Meyer. If you decide to make a donation, please tell S.A.R.A. staff that Valentine with Noir Kitty Mews sent you. Do you have a favorite animal rescue in your area? I’d love for you to comment. And if you liked this post, please also see “Valentine Receives Best Cat Blog Award.” Mew Mew!

Image at top of post: (back row left to right) Nicole holding Clifford, Melinda, Jill, Meg, Lucas, Kelly, Maya, Bryce holding Gonzo; (front row left to right) Lili, Kerry holding Valentine, and Diane. Photo June 12, 2017.