Valentine Cat Licks Kitty Kick Stix

Feeling Groovy With Kitty Kick Stix

September 2, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 21 Comments

I was recently asked by a nice gentleman of the Kitty Kick Stix Company if I would review one of their products – essentially a kicker toy. And though I already have two kicker toys of my own of different brands, a kitty can never pass up a chance of having too many! So I said “yes” to the offer, eager to try out something new. And without further amew, here is my review of the Original Kitty Kick Stick.

Valentine the Cat’s Review of Kitty Kick Stix


The Original Kitty Kick Stix arrived in a plastic shipping bag delivered by the white truck lady. The test product was carefully wrapped in white tissue inside the bag – and HELLO! tissue – ‘cause I love tissue (to chew on, lounge on, pounce on, hide under, and shred)! The tissue was secured with a cute sticker featuring a Tabby cat and the phrase “Please have a Meowing of a good time!” Aww… what a nice, welcoming sentiment.


Mom didn’t have the shipping bag open but a tiny bit, before I immediately detected le parfum de nip from my Kitty Kick Stix! Wow! I’ve never smelled a toy so fragrant! According to the Company, it uses “organic catnip.”

At “15 human inches,” my new, slender buddy is practically my whole body length sans tail! Kicky, I named him, is now my longest kicker toy – twice the length of my other two! That means twice the surface for clawing and bunny-kicking fun!

Each Kitty Kick Stix is handmade “within 72 hours” in the USA! And guess what? When I move Kicky around a bit, I hear a little rattle (it’s actual a little bell) noise coming from his insides! Cool!

Visual Appeal & Design

Kicky has an overall black, tubular body that is stitched up one long side and at both ends. It is stuffed tightly with batting-type innards. It is printed with hearts of various sizes and the words “my Cat” in fun bright greens, reds, purples and yellows. Fancy that the mister at Kitty Kick Stix sent me one in my favorite colors and one that has hearts on it! He did his homework! I love hearts, for I am Valentine – named for the holiday of love and hearts!

Exercise & Play

I tried out the Kitty Kick Stix on three separate occasions. Each time I sniffed it, pawed at it a little, attached my claws to its skin, did a few bunny kicks, licked it and rubbed it up against my fur. I ultimately rolled over on it and dozed off into nip-infused zzz’s within “10 human minutes” of contact. This is the effect of a good nip on me, though! Some kitties get frisky, some go WILD, but me – I get to feeling groovy and a bit sleepy. Tee hee hee.

Kicky is firm, not soft and squishy like my other kicker toys. But I like that he is different, ’cause it is important for a us kitties to have a variety of playthings. I will certainly use him to exercise – to hone my front and back claws – and to rest my lil’ head on!

Durability & Care

During each of my three test times with Kicky, I latched onto him and he didn’t get bent out of shape, nor did he show puncture holes. I haven’t had Kicky but a week or so, so can’t speak to its long-term durability. I would suspect, though, that he can hold his own over time.

My long fur tends to cling to Kicky’s smooth, cotton covering, but that’s no big deal. Fur can be simply brushed or vacuumed off the Kitty Kick Stick. One of those sticky roller things that humans use to remove pet fur from their clothes would work, too.

For Dogs, Too?!

It seems Bessie, my Basset Hound minion, is very interested in Kicky. She kept trying to sneak passed Mom and Dad during my photo shoot to get at Kicky. Thank goodness she was intercepted before she could kidnap my new pal. And get this, she snuck back in the room later when the rest of us were gone to try to sniff out Kicky! Luckily, by that time Mom had placed Kicky back in its bag and up high on a shelf. It’s not your toy doggie – back off I say! There’s no D-O-G in “Kitty Kick Stix!” My other kicker toy bears the scar from the short-legged beastie’s fangs and is still dealing with PTSD!

Cost & Availability

The Original Kitty Kick Stix sells for $19.95 for a pair and is available online at Mom says it costs a bit more than similar, handmade kicker toys sold by other makers, but I haven’t tested them. It comes not only in the color pattern I mentioned, above, but in others as well. There are also other versions of the Original, available in different lengths.

Overall Rating

I don’t think Kicky will ever replace my bestie kicker toy, ‘cause we have a bond that goes way back. Mom gave it to me when I was first adopted, and so it has sentimental meaning. But I’m sure Kicky and I will become good pals. Kicky is the “cat-nipiest cat toy” that I’ve ever played with – a nip toy, a kicker toy and a rattle toy all in one!

I give Kicky 3 1/2 paws out of 4 paws + a bonus tail wiggle, ’cause the purchase of a toy “helps support a cat shelter!”

Thank you Kitty Kick Stix team for thinking of Noir Kitty Mews!

For you, my readers, the nice folks at Kitty Kick Stix are offering a 15% off coupon towards the purchase of one of their products when you order online through their website. Just type in the following coupon code (good for 30 days starting today) at checkout:

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Does your pussy cat have a favorite kicker toy? I would love for you to comment. I hope you liked this post. Mew Mew!

Note: Valentine was not compensated by the Kitty Kick Stix Company for writing this post. He received a complimentary Kitty Kick Stix in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions and thoughts are from the author.