Valentine Cat Tongue Out At Cat Tree

Wordless Wednesday: High Up On My Cat Tree

August 2, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 40 Comments

I like to be high up on my cat tree. Of course I’d rather the real thing by Mom Nature that stands on the other side of the window, has narley bark, grows green leaves, and houses birdies and squirrelygigs. But nonetheless, I do like my pseudo tree that was constructed by a human. And until the day comes when I can return to the WILD, I will climb the carpeted one, hone my nails on its sisal and cardboard hide, spy my village and its subjects from the faux wool lookouts, and practice my paw maneuvers on the chain of fancy feathers sans dragon.

For those of you that have an indoor kitty(s) and are searching for the right tree, I encourage you to check out “Best Cat Trees for 2017” written by my furr-iend Doron at We’re All About the Cats.

Is there an indoor or outdoor tree that your kitty calls his or her own? I would love for you to comment. If you liked this post, please see also “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Meeting the Neighborhood Old Timer.” Mew Mew!