Valentine Cat with Honey and Marshmallow Root

Honey and Marshmallow Root: Treating Kitty’s Allergies

October 28, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 24 Comments

Ever since I shed my old coat a couple of months ago, my allergies have been slowly getting worse. I make sounds like Mom who has As-the-Ma… “What Mom?” Oh, pardon me – I guess it’s “Asthma.” Whatever. Anyways, I’m a cat. I shouldn’t hack and snort like an old engine that couldn’t or a mousie that’s on its last leg. And when I breathe I shouldn’t make noises like a rusted out whirlygig that the winds have battered and blown off kilter. Unless, maybe I have Asthma, too?! I don’t think so, but I do share some of the same symptoms my human is experiencing: coughing, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, wheezing, and tightness in my chest. But with a little bit of honey and some marshmallow root, I plan to be back to feeling like myself soon.

Many of the same Asthma triggers for humans (i.e. pollens, household cleaners, fragrances, dust mites, indoor and outdoor molds, and pet dander) can trigger allergy symptoms in kitties. Kitties can also develop allergies from flea bits, rug fibers, and certain foods. My allergies are attributed to pollens and food sensitivities; Mom also suspects molds. Mom says the pollen counts in early summer “top the charts” here in ORE-gon’s Willamette Valley. Then molds come with the rains in fall, winter and spring. Many humans that live in the area suffer from allergies. Some even say that’s why it has been given the nickname the “Valley of Death!” EEK! My Basset minion, Bessie, seems to be the only one in my household that seems to be free of symptoms of any kind. I’m thinking it’s because of her nose and nostrils that are big enough to go spelunking in! How could she not take in great breaths of air?!

Mom called the V-E-T just the other day to let him know what I’ve been dealing with. Dr. Frick n’ Frack, that’s what I call him, suggested Mom start me on honey. Honey is known to have health benefits for humans, but it can also benefit kitty health! The honey is to help quiet my coughs, much the same way as it acts as a cough syrup for humans. Coincidentally, there sat a brand new jar of raw honey, still unopened, on the pantry shelf in the kitchen. The bees pollinated wildflowers to make it. Mom and Dad got the honey from Herricks Farm when they went to pick out my pumpkin for All Hallows Eve. Mom placed a small glob of the golden goo on her fingertip and offered it to me. That was the first time I’d ever tried honey. And me oh my was it tasty! She offered two more finger tips to me and I cleaned off each one! I Love that nummy honey! (I believe I even spotted Mom sneak a spoonful of the treat for herself!) And guess what? Mom didn’t hear me cough that night or even the next day, so I think the bee juice is working!

Dr. Frick n’ Frack also told Mom about an herbal remedy for me as well. Yesterday, when I heard Mom mention that she found some marshmallow I was puzzled. I looked at her and paw pointed to the pantry, thinking maybe she somehow forgot. For I know full well that Mom always has a bag of it on a shelf in there. The thoughts of the white, chewy puffs with their sugary sweetness make me smile. I lick them on occasion when Mom takes her morning hot cocoa. I like to pierce them out of the bag with my claw.

“No, not marshmallow. It’s marshmallow root I found,” said Mom as she set a small bottle in front of me. According to the V-E-T, it is to calm my lungs from any “microbials” that might be irritating them, until he can exam me next week. Oh, and I so look forward to that – NOT! But I don’t know of any marshmallow that comes in a bottle and is in liquid form?! (It also comes in capsule form). I think Mom sneaked a drop of it on my moist food. Hmm… should I try it? I mean, anything with the word marshmallow in it should be paws up, right? Well, I think I’ll hold off and try it when Mom and the camera aren’t watching… (I actually ate up most of the food a little while later when Mom was distracted doing something else!) Now it’s my turn to sneak a drop or two of it on her food. Tee hee hee!

I sure hope that what the V-E-T has recommended for me will scare off my coughs and make me breathe easier, and maybe even help with Mom’s flairups, too. Have you ever taken honey or marshmallow root to help with allergy symptoms or ailments? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for reading my post! Mew Mew!

Note: Whenever possible my V-E-T prefers to try me on natural remedies as the least invasive approach first, because I am a sensitive pussy cat. Antibiotics and synthetic treatments can sometimes get my system off-balance. Please consult with your vet prior to starting your pet on any herbal remedy or other treatment if your kitty is showing allergy symptoms.