Leon Closeup National Black Cat Day

Panthers Talk How to Celebrate National Black Cat Day

November 14, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 34 Comments

I love all the special days set aside for pussy cats, though I am still waiting for the time when each day of the calendar is an official holiday for celebrating us! But until then I guess we’ll take what we can get. As you may remember, National Black Cat Appreciation Day was on August 17 and National Cat Day was on October 29. But did you know that November 17 marks National Black Cat Day for 2017? Now, I have my own idea as to how I think humans should celebrate that day, which I’ll tell you below. I have asked my furr-iends to share their ideas, too, in their own words, for this Wordless Wednesday post, which is actually a wordy one. Tee hee hee.

How to Celebrate National Black Cat Day

Leon Sanders

(feature photo at top; image credit: K Sanders)

“Humans should celebrate National Black Cat Day because black cats are mysterious, beautiful, soft, can be accessorized with all items of clothing and furniture, can be relied on to watch over their humans through the good and the bad times and have a great tone of voice.” –Leon


Akasha Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: @ziuteklebiedz

“My dream National Black Cat Day would be like: in the morning there would be birdies to watch outside, my bowl would be full all day, mum&dad would pet me all day but not too much, and….. a lot of nip. That’s only thinking about myself! But I would like all cats, not only black, to have a loving home.

Every human should have at least one black cat, to worship like in Ancient Egypt. The human should make sure that on this special day the bowl is full all the time, the vacuum cleaner is put aside (or destroyed forever!!!), the toys and an appropriate-sized box should be made available for me. I would like my humans to spend the whole day with me petting me (yes belly rubs are welcome) or just sleeping by my side. Purrrrrr” –Akasha

Brofurs Andy and Dougy

Andy Dougy National Black Cat Day

Andy, left; Dougy, right. Image credit: Doug Thomas

“Then we expect you give us new boxes and kitty toys to amuse us. Not so difficult, is it? Mrow!” -Andy

“Of course, the best way for you humans to help us black cats celebrate National Black Cat day is simply this: tuna! Of course, kitty treats are fine, too.” -Dougy

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Batman Hendee

Batman Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: Rhonda Hendee

“Batman would love it if humans would go out and adopt a black cat today because he feels black cats have a bad wrap. He and his fellow panfurs are so sweet and loving.” –Batman and his momma

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FuzzButt (usually called FUZZ)

Fuzz Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: Heather Jean Taylor

“On National Black Cat Day, humans should provide us with fresh meat, poultry, and/or fish, catnip and toys, and warm soft places to sleep (humans make excellent warm soft places to sleep). Because we are awesome.” –FuzzButt

Houdini Jenkinson

Houdini Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: Mr. Houdini Cat

“Humans should celebrate National Black Cat Day because if it wasn’t for us you’d be late for work! We are your automatic clock in the mornings (tummies need filling!)” –Houdini

Fursibs Jinxy, Noel and Tallulah

Jinxy Cat National Black Cat Day

Jinxy. Image credit: 15andmeowing

Noel and Tallulah National Black Cat Day

Noel & Tallulah. Image credit: 15andmeowing

“We think everyone should buy a copy of [the book] Black Cats Tell All to celebrate our special day.” -Jinxy, Noel and Talulah

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Kobe Bean

Kobe Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: Shannon Glarum

“[National] Black Cat Day is so important because black cats are the last to get adopted! We need to inform everyone that panfurs are the sweetest kittys and get a bad rap! This is me in my back yard!” –Kobe

Visit Kobe and her momma also on Twitter: @Shananay1981

Licorice Allsorts

Licorice Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: Mary Jeurissen

“I would like people to celebrate National Black Cat Day by considering adopting a black cat from a shelter or other charitable organization. Black cats are the least likely to be adopted. #adoptdontshop” –Licorice

Visit Licorice and her momma also on Instagram: maryspets (Mary Jeurissen)

Malice (but some of the cats call me Malicious)

Malice Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: Michael Enoches

“I think hoomans should celebrate [National] Black Cat Day spoiling all black cats the way they like to be spoiled. We all have our own ways. I think my mommy should send my Bengal sisfur and my Turkish Van brofur off for the day so dat her and I can be alone. I also fink we should has our own black ribbon symbol wif a paw on it and should be given special toys and food all day long.” –Malice


Phoebe Cat National Black Cat Day

Image credit: DashKitten.com

“Well, every sensible human should adopt at least one of us lucky black cats. We have the best looks, (see my picture and I rest my case right there). Plus we have the best temperament and are, quite simply, PAWsome!” -Phoebe

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And lastly your host…


“I curl up on Dad’s lap and watch a lot of football with him this time of year. I am a Carolina Panthers fan, of course! I think all of the proceeds from ‘NFL’ game ticket sales should go to homeless cats, cats in need, and those in shelters. That would put a lasting smile on this kitty’s face.” –Valentine

Warm hugs to all my panfur pals for sharing their wonderful portraits and their suggestions on celebrating National Black Cat Day. Weren’t those all great ideas! We hope we’ve inspired you. I encourage you to stop by and say hi to each and every one of them on their social media site(s).

How will you celebrate National Black Cat Day? I would love for you to comment. I hope you liked this post. And to view some of my other beautiful panfur friends see “National Black Cat Appreciation Day: Perfect Plethora of Panthers” post. Mew Mew!