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International Cat Show: Highlights & Goodies

January 31, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 40 Comments

It’s been awhile since my post for Wordless Wednesday was actually “wordless” instead of “wordy.” And well, it looks like another “wordy” one for today. Tee hee hee. Oh how I love to hear about pretty ribbons and cat shows! So when Mom and Dad got to visit the International Cat Show in Portland, ORE-gon, over the weekend, I wanted some details! Mom and Dad have gone to regional cat shows in the past, but this was their first time to an international one. The three-day event was held in a convention center where rows and rows of tables of kitties waited for their chance to be judged by a select panel of six humans. Each judge had their own ring with a platform equipped with a kitty scratchy post and feather toys, so kitties could show off their great prowess, skill, beauty and poise.

Show highlights


One of the kitties that caught Mom’s attention early in the afternoon was Mosey. Mom says she was hoping for an opportunity to meet him, so after Mosey left one of the judge’s rings in his momma Rebecca’s arms, my human followed them back to their table. Mosey traveled all the way from Georgia to be at the show! With a Champion bloodline, he is a true Champion himself, having competed in a number of cat shows and with many wins to his credit. He is a marvel to see and to watch on the judging platform.

Wow! Look at those Eyes, Whiskers & Ear Tufts!

With his signature inquisitive golden eyes, silky coat, fancy long ear tufts, and his long body, this Red Tabby-White Maine Coon turns many heads. Mom says it is obvious that Mosey is a seasoned professional, draping, posing and charming like a stoic lion as camera after camera snap away. When Mom left Mosey and Miss Rebecca, Mosey still had two more judging rings to visit before his work was done for the day. Being a show kitty is a full-time career for the busy fella. It was a treat for Mom to learn about him.


Did you know that not all the kittens and cats judged at cat shows are pure bred show cats? It is true. There is a household pet category, too. And Mom got to meet one of the kitties that was competing in that category – black kitty “Ragzy.” And he looks a bit like me – same color yellow-green eyes, and a long coat the color of the licorice candy Mom likes so much! Mom says he wore a “gentle expression.” Him and his owner, a sixth grade young lady named River, were taking a break before being called up for the next round of judging.

This was 6 1/2-year-old Ragzy’s first cat show, the second international cat show for River as junior exhibitor. River explained that each exhibitor gets a “rosette” ribbon upon entering the cat show. In addition, entries can go on to win additional rosettes. Ragzy had already won a fancy, blue-and-white one for 2nd Best Household Pet in the long hair division, and 10th Best Household Pet in the All Breed division! River and Ragzy were hoping for a People’s Choice win that would mean another rosette and cash prizes! Three top cats were to be chosen by spectators. It looked like a strong chance that Ragzy would be one of them, as he was getting lots of interest from many visitors. And with a “pet me sign” on his cage and him being a chat noir, who could resist not giving him the vote?!

Like me, Ragzy was adopted from a shelter. River says she was in kindergarten when Ragzy, having come from the Oregon Humane Society, became part of her family. River describes her Ragzy as being easy going and a “bit talky.” He is an indoor/outdoor kitty that likes to catch birds. He doesn’t have an interest in toys, except for ones filled with catnip, of course. And the nip makes him frisky! His favorite treats are Temptations. Those are my favorites, too, Ragzy! River and Ragzy make a great team. There will likely be more cat shows in their near future, though the two plan to stick to the ones in the Pacific Northwest at least for a few years.

Ragzy with Judge Robert Whyte


Mom brought me home goodies from the cat show! I wasn’t expecting any, but I’m so glad she did! I got plushy Black Babby Purr (I knew merkitties existed!) by KikiDoodle. I was also gifted an orange walking vest from Sturdi Products. Now I don’t have to wear that old, itchy harness that Mom straps me in when she takes me strollin’ in the neighborhood. I can’t wait to bring Black Babby Purr along for my next stroll with Motu2.

I Love My Goodies!

And guess what, Mom also brought home some books to read to me. I am so excited ‘cause two were authored by Miss Mollie of Mollie Hunt: Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries! Mom and Miss Mollie met at the BlogPaws Conference in 2017. It was fun for them to chat and catch up at the International Cat Show where Miss Mollie was autographing and selling her books. Maybe the next time they both go to the same event, Miss Mollies’s kitty, Little, and me can have a play date!

Miss Mollie introduced Mom to her CWA (Cat Writers’s Association) friend and colleague, Miss Ramona. The two were hosting a vendor table. Miss Ramona shared with Mom that she has two cats of her own. Mom brought one of Miss Ramona’s books home for me, too! So readers, purr-lease watch for my book reviews come springtime of Cat Call by Mollie Hunt and Cats for the Genius by Ramona K. Marek!

Such a Big Event Makes A Lil’ Kitty Sleepy!

Have you ever been to a regional or international cat show? I would love to hear your comments. And now I hope you will join the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop hosted by BlogPaws. Just add your linky below and click on the linkies left by furr-iends to see what they are up to! And don’t forget, the deadline for my Love Letter Contest is fast approaching and I do hope your kitty enters my contest! Mew Mew!