Valentine Cat Looks at Pet Stroller Box

Introducing My Pet Stroller – Motu2

July 8, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 27 Comments

Back in March Mom bought me a Pet Gear pet stroller. And because it was super rainy in March, April, May and in June here in O-R-E-gon, I mostly cruised the hallway and chambers of my home, with only an occasional stroll outside. But that’s OK, because it gave me time to get acquainted with my new friend. He is my “mobile outdoor transportation unit #2.” He replaces the first unit, which really is just a cat carrier that Mom puts me in and sets out on the patio on occasion, so I can take in a bit of nature from its wire door. I also get put in it when I have to go visit Dr. Frick n’ Frack. Ooh – how exciting – NOT! But with my new friend, I can have better experiences and can see more of the WORLD. So allow me to introduce to you Motu2.

What is the Brown Truck Man Delivering to Me Today?

A great big box shows up at the door (refer to top image). Oh me, oh my! I loves me a new box! And it’s a present for me?! Oh Mom, you shouldn’t have, but I’m so glad you did! And what’s this – a “stroller?” What does it do? Does that mean I get to go outside, Mom?!

Where Does that Part Go on the Stroller?

Mom pulls my partially assembled purr-sonal carriage out of the box. She finds the parts baggies. She looks at the manual. She scratches her head. She looks at the stroller. She scratches her head. She looks back at the parts and scratches her head. She looks back at the stroller… She’ll be at this all day, I’m thinking. Then she finally gets my present upright, but it looks off balance. “The wheels look kind of wobbly and unsafe, Mom,” my paw points out. I told her to go back and review the instruction booklet, and it’s a good thing I did, ‘cause she had missed reading a section on wheel assembly (shaking my head)! We kitties just have to be on top of our humans at ALL times.

I shall Inspect My New Carriage!

Hmm… it is rather roomy. I think I could get used to this. If it passes the nap test, then it’s a keeper. I shall sprawl out and see and with this blankie Mom placed in the basket I think I’m ready for Mr. Sandman to come calling.

OK, Let’s Get these Wheels A Spinn’in!

OK, my first few “rides” weren’t outside at all. Mom wanted to get me used to the “movement”, so she strolled me through the house – yes, she really did! I heard Dad announce, “I can’t believe you bought a pet stroller.”

Finally, Motu2 and Me Make it to the Outside

What wonderful colors I see all around me! Everything is so bright and glorious! I think I smell pretty flowers in the air! Say, Mom, why don’t you put up the visor so I can see you more clearly? Look at all that I’ve been missing by being an indoor kitty! (Mom got distracted when the next door neighbor walked over to greet us at the sidewalk, so the part in the video where the stroller was moving with me in it got flubbed up and didn’t make the final cut! But you get the point!) Watch for my upcoming post where me and Motu2 will share a new adventure and I will review his strolling cabilities and features.

Does your kitty or D-O-G have his or her own special ride? And if so, where does the pet stroller get wheeled to most often? If you liked reading this post, please see me and Motu2 also in “March Happenings in Review.” Mew Mew!