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(Wordy) Wordless Wednesday: Love Letters on the Day of Hearts

February 14, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 60 Comments

Oh thank you for stopping by today! As some of you may know, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love how the color red seems to pop up everywhere! In the spirit of the day of hearts I recently ran a Love Letter Contest. Kitties were asked to enter a letter that they pawed penned (wrote) to their sweetheart. A sweetheart can come in many shapes, sizes and forms as you know. It could be another cute anipal, a lovely garden, a warm nest, a tantalizing kicker toy, savory tuna, a nom nom nip plant, a fond human, or even one’s amazing self. The letters that were entered this year were all so thoughtful and creative, their writers all so-o deserving of praise and hugs. And I wish I could award all of them prizes! I chose my top three letters to show here and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

(Rattling the crinkly paper & squeaking my piggy toy) And the winner is:

Results of Valentine the Cat’s 2nd Annual Love Letter Contest


Pizza the Cat and His Letter to Meowentine (pizza):

Dearest Meowentine,

It’s meow or never for me to confess my catffections. I’ve got a good feline that the time is meow. I just cat live without mew, any longer. You are truly purrrfect. I wish that the oppurrrrtunity would arise for me to whisker in your ear that I would mew anything for you. I knead you. Do you feline the connection that I do? You’re truly a little pizza heaven. I don’t mean to sound too cheesy, my purrrty pizza slice. Your oozing, bubbly meowzerella, your purrrfectly golden crust, and those irresistible anchovies make me meow out loud You, sweet pepperoni pie, can crust me when I say that I yearn for mew. Your aroma is simply ameowzing. I’m not kitten you. I am smitten. You make me want to sing: When the meown hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s ameowré!! I may be a real pizza work, but that should be the yeast of your worries. My love is fur real! Life would be just clawful without mew.

You have stolen a pizza my heart.

Pizza the Cat

Tee hee hee. Pizza the Cat’s letter had my mouth literally craving a slice of the cheesy and doughy nom, so much so that I convinced Mom to call Dominos. It is true. Pizza should be a writer for food commercials!

For his achievement he received a prize of the newly released Catnip: A Love Story book by Author Michael Korda and a pair of Crochet Catnip Hearts with Curlicues handmade by CherryWillowPets, all complimentary Noir Kitty Mews.

You can see more of Pizza the Cat on his social media pages:
INSTAGRAM: @thecatnamedpizza
TWITTER: @catnamedpizza



Ollie and His Letter to The Man Cat:

Title: I will walk all over you…for life

As I occupy your master chair
I promise you a fashion makeover
It turned out well, you’re looking so swell
All covered in tabby cat hair
I always perk up your morning brew
With generous sprinklings of fur
A richer flavour, a raw umber hue
No sugar needed, just stir

Drink up and pet me
You’ll never neglect me
I feel it in my purry heart
When I jump on your shoulder
I feel mighty and bolder
For this we can never be apart

So I will always lovingly crowd your space
On your iPad, your laptop I take my rightful place
On the lookout for new keyboard shortcuts
My paws will go tapping
While I give you headbutts

I love the way you pet my belly
Only three times like I told you
Any more, don’t be silly
You know how I get, you’ve got to do it right
Try a different technique and you’re picking a fight

I love when it’s time to make the bed
I’m your little helper, I go darting ahead
When I fly in the air trying to straighten the sheets
I can say with all certainly it’s better than treats
To hide in my tent stalking your fingers
I strike like a ninja, my shadow, it lingers

I sleep on your pillow, your head in the ditch
I know you love me but tonight we can switch
Between your two pillows I’ll be cosy in the middle
Then at 5 we wake up and we sing for our kibble

I drink from your water glass, so tall and fresh
Yes I do have fountains but nothing can compare
I purr just thinking of the close bond we share
Though I don’t always articulate it like you want to hear
My love for you is in every heartbeat, so clear

You found my brother and I,
Desperate, angry, sick and alone
You didn’t blink twice to give us a forever home
And now I blink for you a thousand times over
I will walk all over you, my human ….
For life.

With love from Ollie, to his human dad, Kevin (The Man Cat)

Ollie the Cat in His Catio

Image credit: @chirpycats

You can visit Ollie and his fursibs at their Chirpy Cats blog. They are also at:
Twitter: @Chirpycats
Instagram: @chirpycats


Mr. Tibb and His Letter to Cleopatra

Cleopatra my Queen,

Meeting you, on Twitter, has been the greatest pleasure this Tom has ever
experienced. Before you came into all nine of my lives, I was a dumpy, film critic
looking for a feline companion to share my heart.

No matter who I flirted with (and there were many) I was left amused but lonely. No
kitty took me seriously.

Then, Angel Face, you turned your attention my way!

The goodness emanating from you has turned me into the confident, exciting and
adventuresome Stud Muffin you see today. I am a better Tomcat, for it.

The light shines from your very soul to illuminate my world. Each time I see a
photo of you . . . I . . . THUD! (Yes, I faint at such stunning artistry). But it
is your inner beauty which has captured my heart. The day you agreed to be my wife
filled me to the brim with joy. So much so, I nearly missed a meal.

Oh, how I long for us to be Tom and wife. When that day comes, I shall hold my head
high and say, ‘Yeah, I’m Cleo’s husband-Tomcat.’

You are all my dreams come true. Thank you for your love.

Eternally and Gratefully Yours,

Marcus Antonius Tibbs

P. S. I promise that no Asp 🐍 shall ever come between us. Not even this one.

Mr Tibbs the Cat on Plaid Sofa

Image credit: @JoyOfCats

You can visit Mr. Tibbs on thejoyofcats blog and at Twitter: @JoyOfCats

Purr-lease give a round of applaws to Pizza the Cat, Ollie, and Mr. Tibbs. Weren’t their letters grr-eat?!

And now, I want to share you the messages Erin the Cat Princess and I have exchanged with each other. These were not judged as part of the contest, but are in the spirit of it.

Erin the Cat Princess Ode to Valentine:

Though I sail the seven seas, may I landfall on thy shore
Though I long for adventure, let me always find thy door
Though I look for fun and freedom, let my heart dwell safe by yours.

May I always look and find your happiness, no matter where I go
May I always know your friendship and never know you as a foe
May I come home each evening, enlivened by a home and a face I know

Should darkness hide you from me, let you lighten up the way
Should the winter come upon me, may you become my summer’s day
Should life be kind then let it give me, another year with you.

No matter my eyes outlook, you are the rising sun
No fear shall we know that means we ever have to run
No other rose will e’er bloom so bright as to pale my delight in you.

So on this special day, a gift of love I offer true
You are the only one for me, my love,
Am I the one for you?


Erin the Cat Princess Sits on Newspaper

Image credit: Mark Watson

You can visit the Princess at her Erin the Cat (Princess) blog and at:
Twitter: @Erinthecat1
Instagram: @erinthecatprincess

Count Prince Von Valentino’s Poem to Erin:

Title: A Pirate Kitty’s Love

Dearest Princess,

I stare up at the night sky and I know it’s true
There is not a moon as bright as you.
You have smitten me with your true gaze
Your witty words and your signature ways.

Your pretty green eyes like the sea
They sparkle like fairy dust in front of me.
Your black and white furrs and your scent of Chanel
Warm my thoughts and make my heart swell.

I think of your containers with natty blue lids
Where you’ve kept the plump mousies hid,
For rations upon the stormy seas
When hunger calls as you wait for me.

When on a sail I sweep in
Just as the famed Furr-ol Flynn.
You mesmerize me with your beauty and charm
And so I wrap you up into my arms.

Our past adventure was quite the feet
And I longed until we would again meet,
When I could tell you that I missed you so
Your voice, your songs your lil’ nose.

The Black Floof and the good ship SS Erinee
Our ships are partners just as we.
We sail now together and hope for the best
The Golden Cream Mines are the quest.

That marauder’s map is a curious thing.
If all goes well it might lead to the bling.
Then upon your paw I will place
A true symbol of your grace.

And if destiny allows we’ll be back on a beach,
Niptinis and salmon cakes at our reach.
We’ll do some fine surfin’ and some sun puddlin’ too,
Without the evil red Cardinal (cue the “boos”).

I request permission to court you my sweet
For as long as you wish my heart will beat.
I lock it in a chest and I mew
“Purr-lease treasure it as I do you.”

I hope I’ve swept you off your toes.
My heart has been through past woes.
But it is you that have opened it up again
And have made me the true Prince I am.

I am forever at your service, my Tuxie dove.
I hope you will accept this black kitty’s luv.

Your Devoted, Humble, Floofi Prince,


(If you didn’t yet get a chance to read the chapters of me and Erin’s collaborative pirating cats adventure tale you can read here.)

Did you let your sweetheart know today how much you love him/her/it? Happy Day of Hearts everypawdy. May you have luv in your life always. I hope you will join the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by BlogPaws. Just add your linky below and visit those of furr-iends to see what they are up to. Mew Mew! XOXO