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I am excited to share with you the following ?LOVE LETTERS? that were submitted for my February contest and just in time for ?Valentine’s Day! The bunch here are those I’ve chosen as my top favorites, with one chosen as the winning entry. The contest was open to all cats. Kitties were asked to write a LOVE LETTER to their sweetheart, whether that be another kitty cat, a human, favorite toy, food, place, or other. Each entry below is one of a kind and heartfelt.


?CONCATULATIONS!!? to Bud-Bud for writing the winning letter as a ??beautiful tribute to her Angel Pookie. ?Bud-Bud has been sent a gift complimentary NOIR KITTY MEWS, hand crocheted and customized by Etsy crafter AHareAffair. Here is Bud-Bud’s entry:

  • ?Written for Angel Pookie, From Bud-Bud

    Where do I start? My love was with me for only a short while before the gods chose to takes
    him from me! From the day I saw him I knew we were meant to be!

    We where both older when we met – I was 8 years old & he was 14 years old but that did not
    stop us from falling love! In fact we both know we were destined to be together for all eternity
    and I know that one day I will join him OTRB & we shall live happily ever after!

    Angel Pookie (@pookiemacalpi) was a lifelong bachelor & the great pirate kingpin of the Nip
    trade who had no intention of falling in love! But the gods & fate had other things planned for
    him! When I happened upon the scene with my brothers & sisters there was no turning back.
    We got married in Nov 2014 with so many pals showing up for it! Then tragically in Feb 2016 he
    was taken from me! I miss him soooooz much! I cried for days after he left me! But he came
    back and assured me he was waiting for me always at the rainbow bridge!

    Angel Pookie my love this letter is to you! I never thought I could continue on without you
    after you left me, but I have! You were my everything – I loved all the adventures we had
    together fighting those that threatened the Nip trade, spending so many wonderful nights
    under the stars, spending so many nights in our cabin by the fireplace & you telling me
    wonderful stories of the days when you were the pirate kingpin! You brought so much life &
    love to me I could not have asked for a better hubby ever! You were everything I wanted & so
    much more!

    I remember well the first day you brought me home and showed me around your
    #RoyalGardens & introduced me to your servants there! I knew from then on that you were to
    be my love and one day you would ask me to marry you & you did!! I remember all your
    buddies were shocked, they never thought you would marry! Our wedding day was the
    happiest day of my life! I never been so humbled & so proud at the same time!

    I know that now you roam over the rainbow bridge free from all pain and that makes me so
    happy. You know I cherish the times when you come back on special occasions & spend a little
    time with me and I always wish that you could stay just a bit longer! My life will never be
    complete again until the day I join you there.

    And so I will tell you this again that I still love you with all of my little heart! Our love is
    Forever & Eternal and will never end!

    Bud-Bud Cat Image

    Bud-Bud, Photo by Todd Parker

    I am forever & eternally yours my love!


And ?CONCATULATIONS!!? also to ?Loulou, ?IZA, ?Basil, ?Leo, and ?CoCo for writing the following letters, listed in no purr-ticular order:

  • ?Written for Little Garden, From Loulou

    Dear Little Garden Where I Play,

    You have no idea that each day I go our of our kitchen door, I see a lovely little green space in which I can frolic or fret, sunbathe or sulk. I cannot thank you enough for the sweet little nip bed you have nourished for me in which I roll and loll and lose a few of my cares whilst getting closer to nirvana with every sniff. And thank you for the soft and sun-warmed dirt in which I can roll or stretch or simply lie for hours thinking my kitty thoughts. Garden, when the arugula is new, the little plants give me something to nip upon, an exotic kind of kitty grass that helps my tummy find its calm. But garden, the best part is that mama comes out with me and prunes things, whatever that is, and picks sweet-smelling lemons and fresh San Marzano tomatoes and trot right along with her, helping to put things in her basket (or take them out, whatever works). I send my love to you, Garden, for all the seasons you go through and no matter how tough one or the other might be, you are always there for me, Loulou. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, dear Garden of Delights, and many, many more. I shall always love you.

    LouLou Cat in Garden

    Loulou in the Little Garden


  • ?Written for Spitty, From IZA


    How do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways…

    I love thee as
    I love my meals
    Warm and soft.

    I love thee as
    I love my rattley toys,
    Noisey and whpable.

    I love thee as
    I love a warm pillow
    Soft and quiet.

    I love thee as
    Birdie TV
    And Fishie TV
    And Skwerl TV.

    I love thee as
    My Protector
    In the Hlloween Adventure.

    I love thee as
    Dearly as the deer
    Graze on the hostas
    And Azaleas in the front yard.

    I love thee as
    My meals
    My litterbox when it is clean
    And the warm waterbed.

    I love thee as
    The birdies that hit our deck door
    And wait for me to get out there.

    And I love thee
    Furs of deepest Black
    Shining eyes
    Claws of sharp,
    And deepest mancat mystery…

    In my thoughts
    And in my dreams,
    Thee constant comes
    And in between
    I dream of thee

    In fact, and I’ll say this my King
    I even did this TWICE
    Cuz the first version got deleted
    When TBT furgot to save!

    Cats IZA & Spitty

    IZA & Spitty


  • ?Written for Mia, From Leo

    To my love,

    The first day I met you Mia, I had a little tear,
    Of joy and happiness that I had met someone so dear.
    You are so lovely, you are so kind, I must admit you blow my mind.
    I want you to know you are my purrr-fect panfur kitty, so shiny and witty.
    You make me laugh, you make me giggle I love it when you dance and wiggle.
    Your eyes are bright like the stars, your fur so black the most beautiful panfur like the midnight sky.
    Your whiskers are so special this one I have I will always treasure.
    There will never be another cat that means as much as you, I just want you to know I LOVE YOU.

    Leo and Mia Cats

    Leo & Mia

    Purrs and head bumps Leo the Tabby Boy

  • ?Written for Moet, From Basil

    Dear MoMo,

    On Valentine’s Day I wish you all the strokes and brushes in the world from your Mum…. and Bacon, chicken and treats galore! 

    You stole my heart with your bouncy ways, small pink nose and little squeaks the moment we ‘tweeted’ first. 

    You have battled a lot that life has thrown at you and I am so pleased you did …. so I can woo you! 

    You are a brave, courageous and ferocious warrior at the right times for #zshq and then sweet and kind to all those in need of friendship, support and a warm paw. 

    You make me giggle with your caterpillar toys and ping pong balls and make me cry when you share stories about poorly & sick animals in Oman that need you and your mums help. 

    We have a connection through of ‘fluffy’ and funny ways and I wish I could give you a nose kiss! 

    You are my fluffy white candy cloud
    My sweetie #weeti
    My funny one

    The smile on my face
    The dawn of the mew day
    The gentle paw when I am sad

    The funny one chasing ping pongs
    The brave one without her sight
    So proud is doesn’t hold you back from
    fighting for anipals in need

    You are my fluffy white candy cloud
    My sweetie #weeti
    My funny one

    Basil & Moet

    Basil & Moet

    Loves mew MoMo! My Moët, my sweetie #weeti 

    Happy Valentines! 
    Love Basil xx

A warm thanks and head rubs to all of my contest participants, you should each give yourselves a paw on the back for great letter writing! I truly enjoyed reading all of your entries. Thanks for reading this post. I hoped you like it and I would love your comments! ?Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Mew Mew!