Valentine Cat in Cardboard Box

March Happenings in Review

March 27, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 6 Comments

The weather was rainy, rainy, rainy, in March and with the rains came the vibrant greening up of Mom’s flower beds. Noticing that she kept procrastinating on her garden cleanup duties, I offered to tend to them on her behalf. She told me a flat out “No, you stay inside.” Oh well, you can’t blame a fella for trying. Dad brought me home a fantastic new box, and I fit purr-fectly in it. I plan to add it as a keeper’s cottage to my box castle and fort. The red birdies kept swarming the skies near the cottage, so I had to bat them away with my paws. The following is an overview of my other March happenings.

Mom didn’t set out edibles for nature’s critters. I’m not sure why she was stingy this month and last. But even still, it didn’t stop the squirrely gigs (AKA zoms) from showing up at my patio and tapping at my glass door, “Hey you, tell that human one we’re out of grub.” I peered back at him, “I’m not your messenger boy!”

Squirrel by Groundcover

Mom spotted a neighboring Persian kitty waiting for his human to come home for the day, but to my disappointment she didn’t introduce us. I would’ve like to have met him and exchange friendly tales and kitty chatter. If Mom allowed me to go outside, I would walk down the street to his house and meow greetings.

Bi-color Persian Cat on Car

Mom shared with me this very brief video she took of “Charmed,” a persian kitty that reminded her of me. The little ball of fluff apparently “charmed” this judge, because he was awarded a black ribbon. Why didn’t you bring him home so I could be his big brofur, Mom?

Mom purchased a pet stroller for me for St. Patricks Day. It arrived a few days early from the brown truck man. And though it was too rainy to stroll me outside, Mom let me try it out for size and comfort indoors. She wheeled me from room to room several times. Goofy, goofy Mom. Dad just shook his head. (Watch for my upcoming post about my first outing in the stroller.)

Valentine Cat in Stroller

Mom ordered for me this green collar with mini shamrocks, handmade by my friend, Carolyn. I wore it to celebrate the holiday and Mom’s Irish ancestry. (Mom is not full-bred Irish though, ’cause she is also part Scottish, English, Welsh, French, and German).

Valentine in Shamrock Collar

I received a “Best Cat Blog Finalist” badge from BlogPaws for display on my website and social media pages! Mom is registered to attend the BlogPaws confurr-ence on my behalf and she hopes to meet many new friends there. And, my good friend Hugo awarded me a badge, too! (See both badges at far right in sidebar). Thanks BogPaws and thanks Hugo! I am so honored – “pawnored!” I haven’t stopped dancing and springing in the air!

I enoyed watching my Cat Dreams DVD on Mom’s computer. I’m still trying to figure out why the birdies, mice and gerbils look so flat and how I can go about getting them out of the machine! It seems that they may be suspended inside that silver contraption.

Valentine with Cat DVD

The humans’ dryer was on the fritz once again, so I put my “supervisor” hat on. I did a site check from below and then I made a closer inspection higher up. I informed Dad how he should troubleshoot the mechanics of the standing metal drum. I new that if the machine returned to working condition, that it would be due to my great wisdom and intervention. The clothes are now drying thoroughly and Mom is pleased. I get a star on my belly.

Valentine Fixing Dryer 2

What did you do in March? Was it a good month for you? Were there any special moments that you’d like to share? I would love to hear your comments. I hope you liked this post and if so I welcome you to also see, “BlogPaws Finalist: Noir Kitty Mews Gives Thanks & Kisses” and “CFA’s NW Regional Cat Show: A Spectator’s Remarks.”

Thanks for reading! Mew Mew!