My Story

I am Valentine, a Dollface Persian Cat. I won’t disclose my age, because cats don’t share their age. I can tell you that I am 3+ years young and have a playful, youthful spirit. Gentle in nature, I am loving, easy going, and introspective. (Sorry, ladies, I am not available as I have a love interest.) I am a dreamer, a philosopher, an opportunist, and am food motivated. At about 8 1/2 lbs, I am on the petite side. My coat is long, silky and black with chocolate and dark grey highlights. My pale yellow-green eyes are wonderfullye large and luminous. I use my melodic voice occasionally, as I prefer to communicate with my eyes and movements. Solidly built, I am also very flexible and am a skillful climber and jumper. My special talents include spearing marshmallows and climbing up ladders.

I am the only cat in my quiet household and pretty much have the run of the place, as it should be.  I feel most comfortable hanging out in the living room, dining room, and kitchen where I have the best views of the happenings going on outside in my neighborhood. Though I am an indoor only cat, I stay active climbing my cat tree; stalking squirrels, birds and mice from the window; running up and down the hall; and playing games of hide-and-seek and tag. I enjoy playing toys of all kinds and have many.

Since January of 2012, I have been living happily with my family in my “forever home” located in Oregon. My family members are my “Mom”, a self-proclaimed “Crazy Cat Lady”; my “Dad”, a patient and kind soul; and “Bessie”, my middle-aged minion. Mom and Dad give me lots of attention, pets and hugs, which I deserve.

Prior to 2012, I didn’t know if I’d ever find a permanent home, as I was adopted out at least two separate times before my final adoption and had short stays at animal shelters between adoptions. A nice lady with Forever Pets fostered me for a couple of weeks and during that time I was brought in to Petco on a few occasions for adoption days.

Me at Petco

Me at Petco

Foster Mom giving me a good-bye hug

Foster Mom giving me a good-bye hug

It was on one of those Saturdays, that my current family came for me. They adopted me, Valentine, January 2012, making a five-hour drive down to pick me up and the return trip in snowy conditions. They had spotted my picture and information that had been posted online that showed I was up for adoption.

I remember the drive from Petco to my forever home. It was long. I was a bit tired and hungry, but anxious and excited at the same time. For part of the trip, I stayed in the pet carrier that my new family had brought with them. But after awhile I was feeling a little clausterphobic and cramped. My family made a few stops along the way to let me out to stretch. I always went back in the carrier without raising a fuss. I was quiet except towards the beginning of the drive back when I needed to announce a potty break.

Me on drive to my Forever Home

Me on drive to my Forever Home

About halfway through the trip I was able to come out of the carrier and ride on the seat. I remember sitting on Mom’s lap and looking up at her with curiosity, wondering when we would be at our destination and wondering when we would eat. Mom and Dad spoke nice, soft words to me and I listened carefully. If I was scared or nervous, I didn’t let them know it. I gazed out the windows as the roadway stretched on, the scenes changed, and the natural light dimmed and turned to dark. Towards the last hour or so of the trip, I found a backpack that was lying on the back seat. I rested on it as I stared out the window of the passenger seat. Occasionally I walked up to Mom and Dad in the front seats to take a peek out their side windows. They reassured me that we would soon be arriving at my new home. It wasn’t until well after dark when the car pulled into the garage. After a good-sized meal, my belly satisfied, I curled up beside Mom on a fluffy bed. Sleep came quickly as I was exhausted from the excitement of the day that had started early in the morning. I could finally dream happy dreams.

Valentine the Cat's First Full Day at Home

Me on my first full day at my adoptive home, January 2012

I want to give thanks to Forever Pets and Petfinder and to Luna the Fashion Kitty for posting my photo, and those of other Persian cats needing adoption, on their websites. They helped me secure a “forever home” with my good, loving family. I also want to thank Hyper Dog Media and The Blog Builders for all the tips on setting up my WordPress blog.

Thanks for reading MY STORY.

Best Mews,