Bo the Panfur Black Cat Appreciation

National Black Cat Appreciation Day: Perfect Plethora of Panthers

August 16, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 50 Comments

“I think to be a black cat we have to act like our cousins the Panther by pouncing on our humans. I also like to hang out on the sofa too like its a tree branch lol.” -Bo the Panfur (see above image)

Hi there! Those of you that follow my blog often know that I don’t typically do a Thursday post, but today is a day to PAWRTY, so I, Valentine, wanted to do a special edition. This post will take the place of my regular Saturday post for this week. I have invited some of my chat noir furr-iends here to join me in the celebration of National Black Cat Appreciation Day! (Cue the balloons, noise makers, laser mousies, catnip bubbles, feathers, and rubber chickens!) Woot Woot! Follow along as we share our thoughts on what it means to be a black cat and let our images melt away any apprehensions that you or someone you may know might have towards kitties with all black tresses, long or short. Here we are – a perfect plethora of panthers:

What It Means to be a Black Cat

Bella Burrow

Bella Burrow Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @blackcat_bella

My fur is black but my heart is pure gold.  Black is beautiful. Classy, elegant, charming, every girl should have a black cat. –Bella Burrow

Brian Blackcat

Brian Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @HobartRuth

If you are staff to a black cat it’s like living with your very own panther which puts you in a class above practically anyone who isn’t staff to a black cat xxx purrpurrpurr –Brian Blackcat

Catty Boy

Catty Boy Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @lathomas_lynne

Being a Black Cat means lots to me, it means I’m always fashionable, never over dressed or under dressed. It means All that Black Fur I leaves on Mom’s clothes bring her GOOD Luck effury day! –Catty Boy

Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat

[Being a black cat means] Being cool all the time. –Ellie Mae

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I don’t understand why black cats still get a bad rap and tend to be the most overlooked cats in shelters. Black cats aren’t scary or evil and we don’t bring bad luck. We’re the same as any other cat…lovable, affectionate…maybe more so…and we’ll give years of unconditional love and friendship. –Ernie

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I think being a black cat means being brave and sweet! Please adopt one of us you wont regret it –Flashdacat

Jimmy Floyd (Mr. Man)

Jimmy Floyd Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @_Jimmy_Floyd

I love being a black cat as I can get up to mischief and then hide under my bed where it is dark and I can blend in. I like a simple life, I sleep loads and loads, then I like to have food, visit my litter tray and then go back to sleep. I go out sometimes, but Mum and Dad worry when I do. –Jimmy Floyd


Lena Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @lena_valentin_ 

Being a black cat means for me being the crown of creation. –Lena

Lester McNumplet

Lester McNumplet Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @LesterMcNumplet

The definition of ‘Black Cat’ is easy. “A lovely, fluffy, ball of apex predator murder death killer tickle addict” That seems mostly accurate. –Lester McNumplet


Being a black cat means being an extra handsome and special dude. It comes with great responsibility as my natural beauty is very pleasing but can also be very distracting for humans. I am required to monitor this and take my leave when they are unable to focus on their responsibilities – which mainly consist of earning monies for meats and cheeses. For me, of course! –Mancat

Mia Panfur

Black cats are always elegant 
Black cats are a forever friend sweet and unique! Don’t believe in bad luck, have us is a blessing!
Adopt a Black cat and fill you life of love –Mia Panfur


Parsley Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @BionicBasil

Furstly if being a cat isn’t epic enough, being a black cat is epically epic because come darkness mew’re completely invisible! MOL  But seriously being a black cat is a huge responsibility as we are the last of the ancient race of magical cats that once ruled the universe #truestory #keepingthemagicalive #blackcatsrule Magical purrs –Parsley

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Pasha Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: Lisa Wells

It’s hard to believe that not everyone finds black cats beautiful or desirable! Please don’t believe the folklore, myths and superstitions, we don’t bring bad luck just bundles of love and joy. –Pawsha


Pepper Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @hawkes_kim

I look fabulous in any setting & sometimes my fur looks brown in the sunshine! –Pepper


Sabre Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: Harold Anderson

I am very proud to be a cousin of the Mighty Black Leopard & Black Panther, We are a very special breed of cats, Very proud and Majestic with a touch of mystery and elegance all rolled into one. –Sabre

Spitty the Kitty

Spitty the Kitty Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: Spitty the Kitty

I am a proud Black ManCat! I am stealthy, and powerful, and determined. No Human will ever be the Boss of Me. –Spitty the Kitty

Visit Spitty also at his blog Spitty Speaks

Fursibs Fearghas, Igor, Luna, Rebus, Siobhan

Being a black cat means being a sleek mini-panther, means we go with everything and are suitable for every occasion, we can hide better than any other cat, basically being a black cat means we are awesome in every way! We are the epitome of catness!  –Fearghas, Igor, Luna, Rebus, Siobhan


Vader Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: @fluffyvader

Vader thinks that being a black cat is very special. Look at those eyes! The black shows them off so well!  Also he thinks being a black cat and cute gets him lots of treats. I’d also like to add that people are silly to be so superstitious. Black cats need love too! –Vader’s mom


Yeezycat Black Cat Appreciation

Image credit: Brandi Scott

Being a black cat is awesome. Everyone always knows where I’ve been because I leave my black fur on everything, I’m actually good luck, and not to mention super handsome! –Yeezycat

Visit Yeezycat also at his blog Yeezycat

and lastly your host…


Well, black kitties often are under appreciated and I just don’t understand how that can be. We are, to put it simply, MARVELOUS! There is so much more to us than meets the eye and if more people would open their hearts to us they would find happiness. –Valentine

Aren’t my furr-iends great looking chats noirs?! They really and truly are an amazing group of ladies and gents and with such a fine usage of words. I am so thankful that they agreed to be a part of this post to help spread the word and joy of being a black cat. I hope you will stop by and visit each one of them on their respective social media site(s) by clicking on the links I’ve provided. It is my hope that together we have inspired humans to remember to also “think black when adopting a cat.”

Celebrate with us, won’t you? And please appreciate chat noirs today and each and every day! Do you have a special black kitty in your life? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for viewing this post! Mew Mew!

Top feature image of Bo the Panfur courtesy of Karen J Basey.