Valentine Cat in Crown Hat


April 11, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 8 Comments

Today is National Pet Day, a day designated for humans to show your appreciation to your special nonhuman companion(s). It is also a day to extend your love to pets in need, those less fortunate that may be homeless on the street, sitting in a shelter, or waiting medical treatment. Humans, set aside your “smartphones,” put your computers on “sleep mode”, mute the “TV” and close that paper book or “ebook” you’re reading. Take the day off from work even, and shower us with some extra love and some extra quality time.


Provide your pet with extra kisses, head rubs, chin scratches, and light massages. If your pet is one that is fond of grooming sessions, then brush him/her happy. If yours is of the spidery kind or of the reptilian variety, then show your admiration by providing some extra territory for it to stretch its legs and explore. For climbers and spelunkers, offer them something different to scale up or to hide out in.

I expect extra belly rubs on this day from my human.

Valentine Cat Belly Rubs

Getting belly rubs


Make a place on your lap for your pet or let it sit beside you and look directly into its eyes, giving it complete attention. Pronounce outloud to your pet(s), “You are truly the priority in my life and will remain so as long as you are on this Earth with me.” Bring out a special toy(s) and enjoy an untimed play session with no distractions. Take your pet on a new adventure out in nature and walk or stroll a path you haven’t taken before, or go on a road trip together. Hunt for crabs with your beach pooch or teach him/her to go paddle boarding with you. If problem solving is your pet’s specialty, think up a new game that will stimulate their mind.

Makenzie Dog on Paddle Board

Makenzie on a Paddle Board

I expect Mom to lay still all afternoon while I snooze on her lap. I also expect her to help me work on extra fortifications for my cardboard castle to keep out the Drool Lopp’in Beastolars of Dogoon.

Valentine Cat in Crown Hat

I’m king of my castle


Let your puppy sniff out a tasty, peanut butter treat at the local pet bakery or pet shop. Make Mr. Whiskers a homemade recipe of nip nummies from your kitchen. Let Peter Rabbit and his friends munch on the orange carrots in your garden. Set out a special French cheese wedge for Minnie Mouse. For Arnie the tarantula, Kermit the frog, Michelangelo the turtle or Slitherin the Snake, offer a small insect delicatessen that they haven’t tried before. Give Yoyo the Parakeet a fresh piece of crispy lettuce to nibble on.

I expect a saucer of milk on this day.

Valentine Cat Drinks Milk

Milk is a special treat


Make a point to visit a local animal shelter or pet charity and extend a “hello.” If you cannot provide a home for a new pet, offer your love and support with a gift of pet foods and supplies and/or a monetary donation. Volunteer your time to care for a pet at a shelter or for a friend. Build a cat house in a neighborhood where feral or homeless cats are known to roam. If you can, take feral cats to a local shelter to have them spade or neutered and help them secure a family that will provide them a forever home.

Valentine Cat at Petco

Me in 2012 waiting adoption

Love pets. Never ever abuse them. Treat them lovingly and with respect. And they will love you in return. Encourage others to love and share their love for pets on National Pet Day and each and every day.

How will you show appreciation to your pet(s) on National Pet Day? Do you have a favorite pet charity? Thank you for reading this post. I’d love to receive your comments. Mew Mew!