National Pet ID Week: Tagged & Chipped!

April 24, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 12 Comments

As we recognize National Pet ID Week, my furr-iends, their humans, and I are here to remind you of the importance of making sure that your kitty cat(s) has some form of identification, whether it be a microchip, or collar with tag, or better yet – BOTH! Tagged and chipped I call it! These simple measures can help ensure that if kitty happens to get separated from you, then your furry companion will be returned to you.

If I had a sisfur I’d want her to be the little doll, Miss Clawdia. Here she is demonstrating that having a collar and tag doesn’t interrupt her playtime:

Clawdia Cat wears ID Collar

Photo by Lisa Wells

I’ve always thought it important that cats wear collars, so they can be reunited with their owners if lost, or heaven forbid in an accident. Clawdia has worn a collar from day one of her coming home. Even though she’s mostly an indoor cat, if she ever went missing, it’s peace of mind knowing my contact details are available on her tag. She’s also microchipped. -Clawdia’s Mom

Gideon, the handsome fella, has a good sense of humor, but knows that it is no joking matter to go without some form of identification:

Gideon Cat wears ID Collar

Photo courtesy @DomesticGideon

I wear my collar all the time, although I lose them all the time – I think the record is losing 3 in 2 days! I wear reflective ones, as I go outdoors lots and the are some roads nearby. Safety release is a necessity, of course! . . . . I have always worn a collar, since I was adopted at around 6 months old. I’d miss it. Sometimes I scratch my neck just to ring my bell and get staffs’ attention. -Gideon

Lord Graydon, a gray and white gentleman, is very color coordinating in his collar and tag:


Photo by Karen

LG has worn a collar from day 1. We feel that it is an extra safety measure, as we take him with us on car trips, etc. We attach his leash and figure if he should ever escape we have a chance to catch the leash. (Yes he is in his carrier, but when you stop this allows him to stretch his legs also.) . . . . he just started to like the backyard last summer and we use his leash there, too, even though he is not allowed out in the garden without supervision. Safety first & peace of mind would describe our reasons for an indoor cat to have a collar. -Lord Graydon’s Mom

Some of you may recognize Oliver, a member of my Noir Kitty Mews staff. He is a sly boy, but usually shy around cameras. His Mom managed to snap a quick photo of him before he ventured outdoors to go on his next hunt:


Photo by K. Crane

Oliver has been wearing his collar since I first got him as a kitten. He wears a collar in case he gets hurt or lost, so if someone picks him up they can help him find his way back home. -Oliver’s Mom

Pinot, a Calico sweety, chilling on a rustic seat and wearing her collar and ID tag:

Pinot Cat wears ID Collar

Photo by @JonMacDonald84

I’ve always had a collar and I’m also microchipped. I’m an adventurous, outdoor cat. I wear a collar for two reasons: 1) reflection for car lights and 2) also a bell to try and alert animals I’m hunting . . . . My human takes my collar off at night if I’m staying in, and I’ve been with him for 5 years . . . -Pinot

And here’s is the foxy, Miss Roxy Rox showing that a girl’s jewelry is not only a fashion statement, but is also practical:

Roxy Rox Cat wears IDCollar

Photo courtesy @RoxyRoxLA

I wear my collar, because a girl has got to have her bling, darling! . . . . I’m a notorious escape artist, so it was very important to be microchipped and wear an ID tag with address and phone number. -Roxy Rox

What a “charmer” Sid is, showing that ID tags can have a fun look to them, available in a different shapes, sizes and with many design options.

Sid Cat wears ID Collar

Photo courtesy @washynetty

Even though all my cats are chipped, I didn’t want anyone thinking they were strays. I recently thought a sick cat was a stray and took him to the vet. He wasn’t chipped and it upset us so much that someone could miss him. He was reunited by us putting an old collar ID of Sid’s. The lady called our number from it and got her cat back. So collars as well as being chipped is so very important -Sid’s Mom

Microchipping is a safe procedure that is done through vet clinics and is available for kittens, as young as 8 weeks old, and for mature cats. Tiny in size and inserted directly under the skin, it is good for the life of your pet and won’t accidentally come off. It is highly recommended for not only the cat that stays outdoors and the indoor/outdoor cat, but also for the cat that remains inside like me. Did you know that most shelters nowadays have cats under their care microchipped before releasing them for adoption into new homes? Gideon, Pinot and I are examples to that point.

The collar and tag method is one of the easiest and least expensive forms of pet identification. Collars and tags come in various price ranges to meet your budget and there are many selections available, so you can find just the right ones for your pet. In the least, your kitty’s tag should include the following information: pet’s name or owner’s name, and phone number. If there is extra space, then it is good to include a second phone number, address, or “REWARD” line.


If Valentine hadn’t already been microchipped when we adopted him, we would have had it done right away. I worry less knowing that he is microchipped. -Valentine’s Mom

Mom always makes sure that I have my collar and tag on when her and Dad go out-of-town on vacation, when they have the petsitter come over and take care of me. Otherwise, I have to admit that I don’t wear my collar and tag all the time. This is for two reasons. First of all, I have very sensitive, itchy skin and collars tend to make me itch around the neckline. If Mom sees me itching a lot, she usually gives in and removes my collar, so I don’t create a balding spot or sore. Secondly, as I am a Persian, my thick fur coat tends to get wrapped up in the collar, which can pull and cause discomfort. I notice that some of my Persian kitty furr-iends don’t wear collars often either, probably for that same reason. But we need to be better about wearing our collars full time. Mom will just need to trim the fur around my neck where the collar rests. If your kitty has sensitive skin like me, I suggest a collar made of natural materials like leather or one from soft fabric like the collar Mom recently bought me, that also works well with my mouse tag!

I have to say that all of us look pretty smashing, don’t we?! I want to give a big THANK YOU and round of APPLAWZ to my furr-iends (and their humans) for their images and words of wisdom for this post! I so appurr-ciate it! If you want to learn more about these smart, wonderful kitty cats, and I encourage you to, click on their name link.

Tell me, do your kitty cats wear identification? Are they tagged and chipped? Do you they wear their ID all the time? I would love for you to comment. And humans, please keep your pet’s identification information updated! Hopefully my friends and I have given you compelling reasons to ID your cat, or any pet for that matter, if you haven’t done so already! Thanks for visiting! I hoped you liked this post. If you enjoyed reading it please also see, “Every Day is EARTH Day,” and “National Pet Day: Love Pets.” Happy National Pet ID Week! Mew Mew!