Cat in Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller

Cat Winks for Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller

July 15, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 31 Comments

Now that I’ve had my purr-sonal carriage for several months, I thought it time to critique it and share my review with you. Motu2 is actually a Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller. In my earlier post, I introduced him and talked about his arrival and him and I becoming friends. If you missed that post you can catch up here.

My buggy came out of its box with plastic wrapped around its handle and a dangly tag attached at its side. Mom still hasn’t gotten around to removing the wrap or the tag yet even though she’s taken me on several strolls through the neighborhood! Hey, I guess Pet Gear Inc. is getting some free advertisement! Dad says Mom with the tagged stroller is like Minnie Pearl and her hat with hanging price tag. I don’t know of any Minnie other than Minnie Mouse, but I know that Mom is silly. Speaking of tags, I need to consult with Pet Gear’s marketing department and recommend that a kitty image be printed on the tag in place of the D-O-G image (see above photo). Afterall, royalty rides; the staff should walk.

Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller Paw Rest

I’m demonstrating the “elevated paw rest”

As Advertised on the Tag

  • Easy-Locking, No-Zip Entry
  • Elevated Paw Rest
  • Panoramic View Window
  • 600 Denier Water-Resistant Material
  • Large Storage Basket
  • Parent Tray for Keys, Water, Etc.
  • Wheel Size: 7” Back, 6” Front
  • Interior Tether
  • Removable Waterproof Liner
  • Rear Safety Breaks
  • Front Shock Absorbers
  • Top Window and Viewing Area
  • Stroller Height to Handle 40”
  • Interior Dimensions: 22” L x 10” W x 19” H

A Cat’s Review of Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller

Purr-lease note that I did not receive this product as a sample or receive any monetary compensation from any source for writing this review. I was not approached to write this review. I am not an affiliate of Pet Gear Inc. and I am not associated with that brand. This review represents my honest opinion and was written by me.

Visual Appeal

My spiffy rig is handsome in black and “boysenberry.” It contrasts nicely with my black furry self. Red would’ve been my color of choice, but as that was a not an option, this is the next best thing. I do like the animal print option in “Jaguar,” too, being a mini Jaguar myself. R-a-w-rr! The mobile unit also comes in “pine green.”

Flattie V said that my dazzling friend, Coco (, has a private transport that is customized with sparkles and flowers. She was chauffeured around in it at the BlogPaws confurr-ence back in May. I would prefer that mine be customized, too, but since it was a gift from Mom, I guess I can’t be too picky.

Coco Couture Cat in Her Pet Stroller

Coco has a purr-sonalized transport

Size & Roominess

This purr-ti-cular model is for pets up to “25 pounds.” Since I’m only “8 ½ pounds” I have plenty of room to turn around, change positions – sit, rest on my tummy, or sprawl on my side. Mom says she probably could’ve gotten the smaller, simpler version, but she got this one thinking that if I didn’t like it she could pass it on to Auntie Lily Madison, a Westie, ’cause she could fit in it, too.

Happy Trails Lite No ZipStoller with Mesh Hood

I see a birdie in the sky!

Comfort Level

To test the comfort level, I sat in it the belly of the buggy, curled up, and took a nap in it right from the beginning. I have since gone back to it to take catnaps at my leisure when my carriage is parked inside. It makes for a nice nest up away from the doggie. I have learned there is a cushion option that is designed to fit the cab. That would sure make it extra comfy! I want one Mom!

Structure & Stability

The metal frame seems stable and sound enough. There are no creaking noises. There are also no squealing noises when the wheels are in motion. Mom says she wishes the wheels were made of rubber instead of hard plastic, so my buggy could go on various types of terrain. But since she strolls me only along sidewalks it works just fine for that. It kind of lumbers over small rocks that spill onto the sidewalk, but it manages.

Special Features

My stroller features two types of hoods or visors. There is the canvas-like hood and also a heavy mesh hood. The hoods collapse into each other and rest against the back when not in use. Mom likes that both can be used together or separately. Mom wishes that the hoods would tilt to the opposite end of the stroller as well, like they do for baby buggies, so that she could see me better. I don’t think that’s important, ‘cause we can still see each other through the back mesh window and the overhead mesh sunroof.

Cat in Window of Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller

I see you Mom

The so-called “parent tray” has round cubby holes. Mom likes to set the house keys in there and the “smartphone.” But look! I discovered that they are the purr-fect size for stacks of “3 ounce” cans of kitty moist food for on-the-go meals! Mom can put her things in her pocket from now on.

Happy Trail Lite No Zip Pet Stroller Tray

A tray with cubby holes for nom noms!

Mom thinks the mesh “basket” just below the body of my carriage is a great place to put the mail she collects on our strolls. I’ve decided that this is where I’m going to keep my travel bowls, snacks and toys, instead. She’ll just have to carry the mail home herself next time.

Basket in Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller

My Kickeroo toy could ride in the basket


The mesh hood can be pulled down and secured with a fastener at the front edge of the carriage. I prefer that the mesh is left up, though, so I can have unobstructed views. But more often than not Mom keeps it pulled down. Even though there is the elastic “tether” in the cab that can hook to my harness, she’s not yet convinced that I won’t slip out of my harness and bail out. I would never try to do that, Mom (crossing my paws behind my back). Tee hee hee!

Tether in Happy Trails Lite No Zip Pet Stroller

I’ve been tethered

Yes, the Happy Trails Lite No Zip Stroller is equipped with “safety breaks.” They are the red levers on the back wheels. And they do work well when applied, but humans have to be reminded of that apparently, or at least mine does. One time, the arm of a zombie (AKA zom) plant almost whapped me out of the carrier! “Eek!” That was ‘cause Motu2 got away from Mom when she was distracted. There should be a law against humans using their “smartphones” while stroll’i If only the breaks were in a place where I could reach them! I think I need a new chauffer!

Time & Ease of Assembly

I ate breakfast, a snack and lunch in about the time it took Mom to get my stroller go ready. But she also didn’t read all the instructions at first. If she had, assembly would have gone much faster! The carriage actually requires very little assembly. The wheels have to be bolted onto the tubular frame. A few of the fabric sections have to be flopped open and secured to the frame with Velcro. But no rocket science is involved here. The average human shouldn’t find it too challenging. The stroller also folds up pretty easily, according to Dad, as he demonstrates below – sock-and-footed even! That makes it handy if you want to load it up in a motor car or store it flat.

Cost & Availability

Compared to other pet strollers made by Pet Gear and other brands this model is probably middle of the road for price point, retailing for $60. Mom thinks it is well worth the price for its quality of materials, construction and features. It is available through various online retailers. Mom spotted one at our local pet store, too. She purchased mine on Amazon with a gift card that she got in her stocking last Christmas.

Overall Rating

I rate the Pet Gear Happy Trail Lite No Zip Pet Stroller (AKA Motu2) 3 1/2 out of 4 paws + a bonus tail wiggle for the cubby holes and basket! Tee hee hee! Note: This post was updated on 9/1/17 to include this new rating scale.

Have you considered getting your kitty or D-O-G a pet stroller? Is there a particular brand or model out on the market that you think your pet would like? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for reading this post. If you liked it, please keep an eye out for my upcoming video where Motu2 and I go on another outing. Thanks for stopping by. Mew Mew!