Valentine Cat with Polka Dotted Piggy Sideview

Polka Dots and Piggy

September 16, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 29 Comments

This is Tangy my piggy. Most of the time he is quiet, but when it is playtime he gets quite talkative. He communicates with me by making grunting sounds when his belly contracts. He doesn’t say, “Mew Mew,” like me, but then of course he wouldn’t. Tangy must’ve been well fed at his previous home, ‘cause he came to me quite roundish around the middle. But then I’ve never heard of a skinny piggy, have you? I asked piggy what the polka dots are for and he told me they are to act as camouflage. “From what?” I mewed. Tangy explained that if a butcher ever comes a calling, the butcher won’t be able to find him. Apparently, the butcher would only see floating polka dots. That makes Tangy one lucky piggy!

I had a purple piggy, once, too. He was Tangy’s big brother Urkle. But then the D-O-G came snooping along and piggynapped him. She slobbered him up a bit and silenced him. Mom tried to repair Urkle’s voice tube more than once, but alas, he just wasn’t the same. I think I spy him in the doggie’s toy basket. She lost interest in him long ago as she does with other toys after they become mutes. Urkle Piggy suffers from PTSD like my Kickeroo, but unlike Kickeroo, Urkle can’t be mended of his physical ailments and has given up his love for playtime. He said at holiday he might travel north to the Island of Misfit Toys.

When Mom saw how disappointed I was when Urkle went out-of-service, she consulted him. Urkle then sent for his sibling, but only after Mom assured him that Tangy would receive around the clock protection. That makes Mom the cookoo bird. Mom gave Tangy a ride home from the nice Mr. Grocer down the street.

We have become good pals, Tangy and I. He likes to nap like I do, but sometime he takes long naps… And I mean really long naps that last days, even months at a time. He has a spot on the bookshelf where he likes to sleep way up high. You see, Urkle prewarned Tangy about the drooling, floppy-eared one that lurks the premasis. Sometimes Tangy hides on the tallest dresser in Mom and Dad’s closet. Just the other day, after a long period of slumber, Tangy woke up and was ready to play. I was so glad to see him that I gave him a light paw tap on the foot. And he gave me his signature, wide-eyed stare that told me he was glad to see me, too.

I taught Tangy the games that Urkle and I used to play – hide-n-seek, cat and mousie (piggy as the mousie), and copy cats and chicken robbers. Sometimes Tangy rolls over and plays dead. He can be a bit of a drama queen, but then he does insist that he was once on Broadpigway. He said he used to get top billing. Silly piggy!

Oh, I’ve got to go! Time for a game of hide-n-seek!

Do you like polka dots and piggys, too? I would love for you to comment. If you liked this post, please also see “Valentine the Cat and Piggy Play Hide-and-Seek.” Mew Mew!