Val Cat in Shamrock Hat

Fluffy Leprechaun

Title: Fluffy LeprechaunAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeI may be the cutest little leprechaun you'll ever see!How did my Mom get me to wear this hat, you ask? Well, she first showed it to me and then let me sniff it a few times.Next, she set it down and gave me a snack treat.Then ...
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Green monster kitty

Lil’ Monster

Title: Lil' Green MonsterAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeWell if I were a monster, I'd be the cutest one ever!Here I am in a big-eyed, green furry number hand-made by ThatCatOriginals!I am humoring Mom for a few moments by modeling this costume.It was worth putting it on once I s ...
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Valentine Cat in hat

Purple Star

Title: Purple StarAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeMom seems to get kicks from dressing me up in silly getups.I am a patient one, and humor her in her ways from time to time.Humans are a strange breed and it is useless to try an understand their actions.I actually don't mind weari ...
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Valentine Cat Candy Cane Collar

Candy Cane Kitty

Title: Candy Cane KittyAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeI am modeling here a Candy Cane Collar by ThatCat!Originals from Pampered Whiskers.I love the ribbons and fuzzy balls in green, red, and white!This is a fun, whimsical and festive accessory - perfect to wear at holiday partie ...
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