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Valentine Cat Wears Halloween Collar

Ghostly Fun

Title: Ghostly FunAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeHere I am in a collar Mom put me in that she found at the crafts store.I'm not purr-ticularly thrilled to wear collars, but will humor Mom.I do like All Hallows Eve very much and I love to help Mom decorate the house for the bewit ...
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Valentine on red chair

On Red Chair

Title: On Red ChairAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeRed is my favorite color other than black, of course.And I am sitting in my favorite chair in this picture.I like the chair, because it is low to the ground and has a wide comfy seat of velvet.It is also old and smells interestin ...
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Val Cat in Shamrock Hat

Fluffy Leprechaun

Title: Fluffy LeprechaunAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeI may be the cutest little leprechaun you'll ever see!How did my Mom get me to wear this hat, you ask? Well, she first showed it to me and then let me sniff it a few times.Next, she set it down and gave me a snack treat.Then ...
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Green monster kitty

Lil’ Monster

Title: Lil' Green MonsterAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeWell if I were a monster, I'd be the cutest one ever!Here I am in a big-eyed, green furry number hand-made by ThatCatOriginals!I am humoring Mom for a few moments by modeling this costume.It was worth putting it on once I s ...
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