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Valentine Cat Wears Halloween Collar

Ghostly Fun

Title: Ghostly FunAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeHere I am in a collar Mom put me in that she found at the crafts store.I'm not purr-ticularly thrilled to wear collars, but will humor Mom.I do like All Hallows Eve very much and I love to help Mom decorate the house for the bewit ...
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Valentine on red chair

On Red Chair

Title: On Red ChairAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeRed is my favorite color other than black, of course.And I am sitting in my favorite chair in this picture.I like the chair, because it is low to the ground and has a wide comfy seat of velvet.It is also old and smells interestin ...
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Green monster kitty

Lil’ Monster

Title: Lil' Green MonsterAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeWell if I were a monster, I'd be the cutest one ever!Here I am in a big-eyed, green furry number hand-made by ThatCatOriginals!I am humoring Mom for a few moments by modeling this costume.It was worth putting it on once I s ...
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Val with satin bow

Satin & Velvet Cat

Title: Satin & VelvetAmateur Photographer: MomLocation: at my homeMom found me curled up and resting on the bed and decided to place a large satin bow on me.She had just removed it from a formal gown she was altering for a costume project, and thought it would look sharp on me.I didn't mind t ...
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