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I Was Treated!: Review of Profender Cat Dewormer & Application How Tos

July 1, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 18 Comments

If you caught my earlier post, “Tapeworms & A Tapeworm Survivor”, you’ll know that I have been the victim of tapeworms in the recent past. Yes, those creepy crawling white things! Well, here I will share with you words from one veterinarian about those blasted wormies that pose risks to kitty health; my review about Profender, a cat dewormer by Bayer Animal Health; and how tos on applying that treatment. So should your furry one become a victim, too, you’ll know just what to do.

Risk of Intestinal Worms to Pet Health According to the Doc

Flattie V had a conversation about wormies with nice man Dan Carey, DVM (I call him Dr. Dan) from Bayer at the BlogPaws Conference in May. It is his thought that most pet owners don’t understand the full risks of tapeworms to pet health. It’s “because,” he said, “there’s an ‘ick factor’ that takes over their thinking of risks. Most pet owners are aware of the ‘ick’ factor of tapeworms, especially if they see the rice-like worm segments in the cat’s stool. In actuality, there are a variety of intestinal worms that can affect cats, tapeworms being just one of them. Intestinal worms, including hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms, can cause vomiting and diarrhea in cats. In severe cases, they can even cause death.”

Cartoon Cat Worms Illustration Needs Cat Dewormer


When Dr. Dan was asked if he thinks pet parents are more informed today about those risks than 5 or 10 years ago, he had this to say, “My impression is yes, because of the Internet. Those who pursue information are more informed. Yet, some pet owners can be unintentionally misinformed by finding information online that isn’t entirely accurate.

“There is a misunderstanding of their [worms] impact [to pets], because they have no apparent effect. It takes 24 hours for the passage of food to the digestive tract. Tapeworms compete for nutrients in the intestines. Anything in the intestines and in the digestive tract that shouldn’t be there, like tapeworms, changes the balance of power and can throw off the body’s system. A single tapeworm is likely not harmful but multiples can be.”

A Cat’s Review of Profender, a Bayer topical cat dewormer

Did it have an odor?

I looked up and wrinkled my nose at Mom after Dad applied the topical to my skin, ‘cause I detected an odor, even with my short little profile. She put her nose close to the application spot immediately following my treatment and agreed. She detected a hint of chemical smell like “nail polish remover,” whatever that is. Dad said it smelled more like straight “Acetone,” again, whatever that is. The good news is that the odor faded pretty quickly – within a few human “minutes.”

How did it feel on my skin?

The liquid kind of tickled when the droplets hit my skin at first, ‘cause it is not something that we kitties are used to, that’s all. I can’t say whether it felt cool or warm. Before it was applied, the topical was kept at room temperature.

Did I have any reactions to the treatment?

After 1-3 days or so, I had a bald patch at the application spot. According to Mom, it was about the size of a “dime.” But this happens when I am given other topicals, such as Frontline or Frontline Plus flea and tick preventatives. According to the product specifi-CAT-ions for Profender this is a possible reaction. The good news is that my fur always grows back.

I get a little sleepy after I am treated with any type of topicals, including Profender, but I resume normal play activity typically within 24 “human hours” following treatment. Mom observes me, especially within the first 2 hours of treatment for any sign of discomfort, difficulty breathing, itching, sneezing, coughing, or any other adverse signs. I have been treated with Profender on 3 different occasions and have had no complications.

Profender Pros

Dad thinks it’s fairly easy to apply. It was effective, too – killed them wormies fast! Some may find it a con that it is a prescription treatment and not an “over the counter one.” But Mom doesn’t see it that way. She likes the reassurance that it is recommended for me by my local vet, Dr. Frick n’ Frack, and he is available to advise.

Profender Cons

It can get on other parts of the fur if the human is not careful with application. There is a bit of an odor at first. And the treatment may cause balding at the application spot, like it did with me.

How to Apply Profender

  1. Cut open the package for a single dose & remove the tube. Unseal the tube.
  2. Gather kitty up & set him/her in a place with good lighting (Dad prefers to place me on the counter, so I’m closer his eye level).
  3. Give kitty pets, reasuring him/her that the wormies will soon be gonners!
  4. Position kitty so he/she is turned away from you, so you can get to the neck area easily.
  5. Locate a spot near the neck & between the shoulders, where kitty can’t get at the spot by licking or scratching.
  6. Smooth the fur away from the spot with your fingers to reveal the skin below.
  7. Remove the tube cap. With a steady hand, slowly squeeze the entire contents of the tube onto the spot, while holding kitty still with your other arm. If it helps, get another person to hold onto kitty while you apply the topical. Keep the liquid close to the skin, so that it is less likely to get on the upper parts of the fur.
  8. Wait a few seconds to let the liquid set.
  9. Dispose of the empty tube & packing in the trash. Wash your hands thoroughly.
  10. And it goes without saying, give kitty plenty of pets & loves, & maybe even a favorite crunchy or chewy treat or nip for being a good patient. But don’t pet kitty at the spot of application until the topical absorbs into his skin.

Hey doggie, come over here. I think you need treated next! What? You have no wormies you say?! I say it’s unfair and a conspiracy!

To Learn more about Profender please see my post, “Bayer Profender for Cats: What I Learned, How It Works, & Other Dewormer Options.” And yes, Bayer also makes a Profender for D-O-Gs. Please remember to consult your vet prior to administering any type of treatment for your pet. What treatment method have you used for killing wormies? Thank you for reading this post and for visiting! Mew Mew!

Note: Noir Kitty Mews was not compensated for this review. The views in this post are the opinion of the author.