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Service Kitties Extraordinaire: Part Two

May 13, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 24 Comments

I continue my interview here with the Ragdoll girls of Deziz WorldDezi and Raena. The two are not only beautiful and loving, but also proficient as service kitties. For those of you that didn’t yet get a chance to read the first half of the interview, please see “Service Kitties Extraordinaire: Part One.” Let’s hear what the girls have to say on the topics of becoming a service kitty, free time, sisters, birthdays, love and making wishes.

Valentine: How does one become a service kitty? Do you need any type of certifications or credentials to become one?

Dezi: Well that’s a loaded question Valentine. The ADA doesn’t recognize any species but dogs as Service Animals. And they limit that definition to only include a couple of specific disabilities. However, the definition is “An animal (dog only now) that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.” Fankfully, it doesn’t limit the broader definition under the Fair Housing Act or Air Carrier Access Act. And most states allow a broader definition in some cases. Currently, there is no certification, licenses or registries required, and a person cannot ask fur proof that an animal IS a Service Animal. Which only exacerbates the problem, cuz so many peeps take advantage of the rules and call pets, Emotional Support Animals and Therapy Animals, Service Animals, so they can take them places animals aren’t typically allowed to go.

Valentine: Why do you think that is [that the ADA only recognizes dogs]? And why do you think humans are reluctant to train cats as service animals?

Dezi: Well Valentine, the purroblems began when peeps started takin’ their farm animals, snakes and other critters into restaurants, grocery stores, etc., and claimed they were Service Animals. Mommy is constantly sayin’ that a little common sense goes a long way. Anyways, cuz of these types of peeps, the ADA had to do somethin’. ‘Stead of requiring certification by an accredited pawrty, they just limited the definition. They were wrong!!! It will most likely take a law suit to change the definition, but we don’t have that kind of money, so we just do the bestest we can.

Dezi Service Kitty in Stroller

Dezi in her stroller

Unfurtunately, cats are still very misunderstood animals. Peeps just don’t think cats are trainable. We hope that we are showin’ them otherwise with our Service Cat Monday posts. And of course, cats aren’t capable of doing certain things. It just so happens, that the tasks mommy needs help with, we are able to purrfurm. But, anypawdy who has ever walked a kitty, knows we would not be good at guiding the blind across a busy street, and most kitties are too small to pull a 300 pound person sitting in a 300 pound chair. You have to be realistic in your expectations. Ifin that’s the kind of help you need, then you do need a d-o-g.

Valentine: Do you or your momma know of any active service cats besides yourselves?

Dezi: We’ve met a few peeps that have suddenly recognized that their kitties were actually alerting them befur they had seizures after readin’ ‘bout us. We’ve met lots of Emotional Support kitties and a few Therapy kitties, but we’ve not actually met any kitties that have been trained as Service Cats. We know there has to be at least a few out there and we hope to see more as more and more people are educated ‘bout the wonderful world of felines.

Valentine: Have you won any awards for your work? If so, which one(s) were the most meaningful or memorable to you and/or your momma?

Dezi: We’ve not actually won any awards fur our work as Service Cats or our writing. We’ve been given several of the blogger awards that float ‘round blogville from time to time, but no actual recognition fur our work. It’s okay tho’, we do this fur ourselves furst and to educate others and have fun. We have been asked fur a few innerviews over the years, and we’re always honored when that happens. The most memorable would be the time mommy was asked to be on an Animal Radio show to talk ‘bout sis Lexi and how she helped mommy. Of course she talked ‘bout me too.

Valentine: Do you and your momma travel to any events or conferences these days or have you in past years?

Dezi: Oh Valentine, mommy, me and sis Lexi all got to go to BlogPaws in Nashville. We were so honored to be sponsored by Brian’s Home Blog and had a pawsum time. We would luv to go again, but mommy says it costs more money than we have.

Raena: We sure would. It’s not fair that I’s didn’t get to go. (Raena crosses her arms and sticks out her bottom lip)

Valentine: How do you like to spend your time when you’re not training?

Raena: Mine’s turn again sissy. We do the same things other kitties do Valentine. We play, sleep and look out the door from our Liberty tree.

Valentine: Dezi, you have a mighty fine carpet tree! I have one to. I have views out the windows from mine where I can spy the hummingbirds at the feeder, neighbor cats on the fence and squirrels burying nuts in the yard. What all can you see from your perch (i.e. things outside, things inside, goings on, other).

Dezi: Is our cat tree not pawsum Valentine? We are such blest kitties. Mommy had always wanted a cat tree fur her kitties, but just couldn’t afford one. When Cat Tree Steve of Fandango Cat Furniture donated the Liberty Tree to us, we just couldn’t believe it. It’s fur sure our mostest favorite purrch…other than mommy’s lap of course. We can see out the front window into the yard and our pawrkin’ lot. Sometimes we see squirrels, rabbits, coons (raccoons) birds, geese, deer, wild bobcats, the occasional stray d-o-g and all the idiot resident’s stupid d-o-gs usin’ our yard fur their litter box and mawrkin’ our outside trees. Me does miss the hummers (hummingbirds), but mommy’s deathly ‘lergic to bees and wasps, and they were takin’ over our feeders; so they’re gone now. Right now, we have a birdy that made a nest in one of mommy’s old pots on our porch. We can’t wait fur the babies to start learnin’ how to fly. And of course we can keep an eye on mommy from the Liberty tree too.

Raena Service Kitty on Tree

Raena pawing the remote control

Valentine: What is it like being an older sister to Raena and do you think she looks up to you? What is one of the greatest lessons you’ve taught her? Do you think you have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to watching out for her and your momma?

Dezi: The pest you mean?

Raena: Sissy??!

Dezi: Me’s sorry. Me didn’t mean it. But it is a lot of work bein’ the big sisfur. Me had no idea what sis Lexi had to put up with, and me wasn’t nearly as bad active as Raena. Purrobably the greatest lesson me taught her, was how to help me get mommy’s head outta the stream of water when she passes out in the shower. Fankfully, mommy unnerstands that sometimes me needs a break, and she looks after Raena so me can go and de-compurress.

Valentine: Would you say you are each other’s best furr-iends?

Dezi: Me’s not sure we’re bestest furiends yet. Raena’s still really kittenish and she’s sometimes “too much”. Us Ragdoll’s mature really slowly. Maybe in another year or two we’ll be besties. MOL

Dezi Raena ServicesKitties Tree


Raena: Y, Of course we’re besties Valentine. (Raena glares at Dezi for a minute and then cheerfully meows) I’s wanna be just like sissy when I’s grow up.

Valentine: You recently celebrated your 1st birthday and your pawrty was a blast, I must say! Great food and fun games – good time! You were a purr-fect hostess! How exciting was it for you to have a pawrty to celebrate that once-in-a-life occasion?

Raena: Oh Valentine, who knew birthdays and pawrties could be so much fun. Fanky fanks fur the compliment. This year has been full of fursts and I’s luvvin’ every one of them. But I’s do wanna do that birthday pawrty thing again real soon.

Valentine: What was one of your favorite moments of that day? Did you hunt those mice earlier in the day just so they could be pawrty favors for your guests?! I found one in the hole in the box!

Raena: Well Valentine, mine’s most favorite moment was when mommy woke up and looked at me and said “I Love you RaenaBelle. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy. I pray we have lots of birthdays together.” Mine’s second favorite was seein’ all our furiends. I’s glad you had a good time and even found a mousey.

Valentine: Did your momma and Dezi surprise you with a special birthday present?

Raena: Well, sissy let me hug her. That’s a big deal. She hates it when I’s hug her. She says it has somethin’ to do with the fact that I’s always wanna bite her ear. And mommy gave me lots and lots of extra cuddles and even let me nap in her lap fur 3 hours straight. She didn’t even get up fur a potty break.

Raena Cat's 1st Birthday

Birthday girl

Valentine: Did you make a wish when you blew out the candle on your cake?

Raena: I’s have everythin’ I’s could have ever dreamed of Valentine. Mine’s only wish is that all the kitties in the world could be adopted and have luvin’ furever homes like me.

Valentine: Dezi, will you be having a birthday soon and a pawrty?

Dezi: Me’s birthday is the furst of November Valentine. So, it’s a ways off yet, but we’ll fur sure be havin’ a pawrty. Me’s gonna be 8 and mommy says it’s fur sure somethin’ to celebrate. And me can’t wait. Mommy’s birthday is next month and she lets us celebrate it like it’s ours. We’ll have to see ifin she’ll let us have another pawrty.

Valentine: If a genie could grant you one wish each, what would you wish for?

Dezi & Raena: We would both wish fur every kitty in the world to have a luvvin’ furever home with a luvvin’ mommy and/or daddy like we do.

Dezi: Me luvs Raena and so does mommy. But me would wish fur sis Lexi to come back to us from heaven. Me knows that would fur sure make mommy happy.

Valentine: And few last questions for each of you – do you have a secret admirer? Is there a kitty that has worn your heart?

Dezi: Well, Raena took a shine to that floofy tailed Simon over at Brian’s house. But she’s young yet, who knows what or who she’ll be innerested in tomorrow. Just like the puzzle box, she’s a fickle little Belle.

Valentine: If you could choose between having a real bunny, mouse, squirrelygig, birdie or spider which would you choose & why? And would you train it?

Dezi: Well, after sis Lexi died, one of our awnties bought me a fishy. Mommy fed him everyday and changed his water and everythin’, but he died within a couple of months, so not sure ifin we should have a pet or not.

Raena: I’s want a fuzzy wuzzy hamster. And yes, I’d train it to do all sorts of things.

Valentine: Well, I wish you both nothing but joy, happiness and good health. And I will cross my paws that everything goes smoothly with your trainings. Dezi and Raena, I hope you continue to make many fond memories with your momma. It is so wonderful that you are there for each other! I have truly enjoyed our chat and look forward to visiting with you on your blog. Mew Mew! (Blows them kisses)

Dezi: Fank you again fur havin’ us Valentine. We’ve really enjoyed meowin’ with ya’. We look furward to many years of furiendship and adventures together. We’re so glad we met you and your family. We purray God’s richest blessings fur ya’ll. We’ve got a play date with ya’ comin’ up soon. We’re gonna have so much fun. Everypawdy can follow our fun adventures at

Raena: Till we meet again……………….Be Blest!!! (Dezi and Raena hug Valentine and head home)

I hope you will stop by and visit Dezi and Raena at their blog, Deziz World, to learn more about their lives as service cats. I hope you enjoyed following along with this interview. Do you have any questions for the girls or myself? Has your kitty been trained to do things? How do you celebrate your kitty’s birthday? What do you think he or she would make a wish for? I would love for you to comment! Mew Mew!