Singing Cats Closeup Lucky Da Puppy Cat

Singing Cats: Music to the Ears

July 22, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 31 Comments

I’m super purr-leased about this post, ’cause I invited some of my furr-iends: Ariane, Gibbs, Marius, Lucky The Puppy Cat, Mr. Jack and the Chirpy Cats, Sammie Da Cat, Oliver, and Pip to share their wonderful feline vocals. I hope you will turn up the volume and follow along with these Singing Cats. Their songs are music to the ears. I can sing, but it has never been documented. Mom tries to record me, but her timing is terrible. Tee hee hee.

My newest pal, the lovely Ariane just might be the kitty “Adele.” She likes to perform private concerts for her papa for loves and pets.

Singing Cats Ariane in red collar

Image credit: storydaddy

Some families have all the talent. Gibbs and Marius Melton are musical siblings. Here they are on single tracks, but imagine what they would sound like as duet.

Singing Cats Gibbs Music to the Ears

Gibbs. Image credit: Sybil Melton

Singing Cats Marius Music to the Ears

Marius Melton. Image credit: Sybil Melton

Mr. Jack and his pals like to serande in “Acatpella” to their mom right before mealtimes in the kitchen. This talkative clowder has its own website and is on Twitter and Instagram as @chirpycats.

Singing Cats Mr Jack and Chirpy Cats

back, left to right: Ollie, Sly Pie, Charlie; front, left to right: Scout & Mr. Jack

According to Lucky The Puppy Cat, he likes to “talk a lot and I have a loud lullaby I like to sing at midnight for Momz to sleep to… I usually sing with my pink mousey.” He just might win a grammy one day for one of his operatic solos.

Singing Cats Lucky Da Puppy Cat

And guess what? Sammie Da Cat sings Gangnam style! How cool is that?! Listen to him here and rap along! You can find Sammie also on Facebook and Instagram as @sammiedacat.

Singing Cats Sammie Music to the Ears

Image credit: Sammie Da Cat

My timid cousin, Oliver, will sing tender love songs, but only for his momma. Despite being middle aged, he has maintained a kitten-like melody.

Singing Cats Oliver the Tabby

Image credit: K Crane

Neighbor Pip is a diva and always belongs on center stage. She often greets my mom and dad outside on the front lawn and demands attention.

Singing Cats Pip

I want to give a special thanks to all my furr-iends for contributing their talents to this post! I so appurr-ciate it and I hope you keep on singing, ’cause it is music to the ears! And I encourage my readers to stop by and say “hi” to my furr-iends on their social media pages.

Do you have a kitty that likes to chat and sing? I would love for you to comment. And thanks for visiting. Mew Mew!