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Sunday Selfies: Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat Review

January 28, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 37 Comments

At the beginning of the Mew Year, I got asked by a kind lady if I’d be interested in trying out a Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat. I was offered a sample with no obligation to write a review of it. I mewed “yes” after looking over the company website and liking what I saw and read about the product. The “premium” mat looked like something me and you, my readers, would be interested in and I am happy to provide my honest review of it here.

A Product Review of the Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat

The Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter mat arrived in a rectangular box, delivered by the brown truck man. (I have since recycled the box into a play cave, ‘cause it fits me just right and with room to spare for my toys. Tee hee hee!) The mat was folded, rolled, and secured with a cardboard sleeve.

Mom spread the mat out flat on the floor. It opened up with some visible creases, but these worked themselves out on their own and others were smoothed out by the weight of my litter box placed on top of it. And while pawing (writing) this post, I pointed out to Mom the helpful tips for removing creases, that Smiling Paws Pets has printed directly on the product label:

  • “gently oppose the curls around the edges where needed”
  • “use a hairdryer to blow hot air directly on to the mat for one to two minutes”
  • “place the mat under direct sunlight until straightened”

Appearance & Design

Smiling Paws Pets asked for my color preference prior to sending the shipment and I was so excited when they sent exactly that! The Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat made me smile when I got to see it in purr-son for the very first time. There it was a cute, black kitty (the company’s logo) printed on a black mat! It’s like it was made with me in mind! It was even cuter than I had expected.

Materials & Construction

The mat is of vinyl construction, made in China. The smooth texture on the underside contrasts with the fibery, almost woven-like texture on the top side. The mat kind of tickles my pads, but in a good way, and is nice and squishy to walk on. It is not slippery on the surface.

Mom and I detect a mild smell to the mat. She calls it a “new vinyl smell.” But neither of us find it offensive.

The mat is advertised as “BPA free.” Mom says that’s a good thing.

How it Works

The fiber construction of the mat is designed so that litter doesn’t track if it gets flicked out of the litter box when the box is being used. That means litter doesn’t spread to different floor surfaces in the house or “scatter” as Smiling Paws Pet’s suggests. That makes Mom happy, ‘cause she doesn’t like litter getting on the carpet.

When I tried it out, the litter particles initially sat on the surface of the mat and then settled in, contained by the mat’s fibers. And it’s not a trick!

Quality, Durability & Care

I have to agree with Smiling Paws Pets with its use of the word “premium,” when describing the mat. The mat feels heavy duty in weight, not flimsy at all.

I instructed Mom to do some in-home tests. She discovered that loose litter on the mat can simply be sucked up with a “tubular vacuum nozzle attachment.” She also found that shaking the mat outside works well as does patting it off by hand or beating it with the end of a broomstick like you would a throw rug.

Next, Mom spilled some sticky juice (to act like urine) on the mat and watched the fibers soak it up within a couple of seconds like a sponge. And then she placed a sticky glob of old moist can food on the mat (to act like poo) and let it dry. She learned that the messes come off easily using a scrub brush, warm water, and mild, dishwashing soap. She squeezed off the rinse water with her hand and let the mat air dry.

Since I’ve only had the mat for a couple of weeks, I can’t speak on how the Smiling Paws Pets Cat Litter Mat will hold up long term. But I suspect, it will outlast many if not all of the litter mats on the market today due to its quality and construction.

Size & Color Options

Wow, I was sent the “jumbo” mat. At just under 4 by 3 human feet (hmm… I wonder what that would be in kitty paws?) it is generously sized! As the mat was placed on the tile floor in my little bathroom, Mom just curled a short edge to fit it in place between the wall and the vanity and that worked just fine.

The mat also comes in “extra large,” which is just under 3 human feet by 2 human feet.

Other than black on black the mat comes in other color options. For those wanting to coordinate their mat with the color of their kitty, or a particular room, or both, there is also gray (with kitty logo in black), brown (with kitty logo in tan), and beige (with kitty logo in a paler beige).

Cost & Availability

Mom thinks the price at $29.95 for the jumbo mat and $24.95 for the extra-large mat, is a value for what you get. Both sizes are available to order directly from the Smiling Paws Pets website.

Overall Rating

I am are very impurr-essed with this mat. And Mom is pleased with it, too. There are so-o many positives about this product. I give the Smiling Paws Cat Litter Mat 4 out of 4 paws. It was designed in the USA and the company offers a product warranty. Isn’t that cool?! And ‘cause of that I give it a bonus tail wiggle!

And guess what? Here is some exciting news!: Smiling Paws Pets is offering a 15% off voucher, good for 30 days, to readers of my blog. Just paw (type) in the promo code: “Valentine” at checkout when you go to place an order through the Smiling Paws Pets website.

Thank you team at Smiling Paw Pets for thinking of Noir Kitty Mews!

Note: I did not receive any monetary compensation from Smiling Paws Pets to write this review, nor am I an affiliate with Smiling Paws Pets. This is an independently written review by me and expresses my opinion.

Does your kitty(s) use a litter mat? I would love for you to comment. And now for the Sunday Selfies blog hop, hosted by The Kitties Blue of The Cat on My Head blog. Mew Mew!

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