Valentine Cat and Cat Astrologer Ellen Zucker

Far Out! With The Star Lady: Ellen Zucker – Cat Astrologer

July 29, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 31 Comments

Miss Ellen Zucker, Cat Astrologer, had a booth at the May BlogPaws Conference and offered to consult with attendees. Mom had never heard of a cat astrologer, so was intrigued. She stopped by her booth to introduce herself and my flat-self representative, Flattie V. Miss Ellen was so kind to spend time with them in the Cat Lounge on the last day of the conference. “The Star Lady” (that’s what I’ve nicknamed her) even took an astrological reading of moi, Valentine, by gathering information from Mom about us both. And as humans would say “FAR OUT!” After Mom returned home and told me about her and Flattie V’s experience, I sat down and pawed some questions for The Star Lady. Afterall, we kitties are curious by nature and are always absorbing new information to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world. Miss Ellen graciously responded. Follow below with us.

Questions and Answers With the Cat Astrologer

Valentine: Hi Miss Ellen! Can you tell me what got you interested in astrology and did it capture your interest at a young age?

Miss Ellen: One day at the age of 14, I was wandering in the local public library when I came upon Linda Goodman’s book on Sun Signs. While it’s only a sun sign book, but a particularly well written one (Linda Goodman has a background in journalism). I was hooked and soon found other books, Grant Lewi’s books, Astrology for the Millions and Heaven Knows What. The rest is history.

Valentine: How long have you been an astrologer?

Miss Ellen: I’ve been an astrologer more years than I want to admit. As I said, I was introduced when I was 14. In one way or another, Astrology has been part of my life ever since.

Valentine: What type of training does one need to work as a cat or pet astrologer?

Miss Ellen: There is no defined classification for cat or pet astrologers as such. I find the same principles that work for a human’s chart work for a kitty’s chart.

An astrologer casts a chart for a moment in time. That moment might be the moment of your birth, the birth of your business (when you register the business or open shop), even the birth of a country (July 4, 1776 anyone?). If you cast a chart for the moment your cat was born, an astrologer can read that chart in context of the cat.

Valentine: Hmm… that is pretty interesting. What is one misconception that people have about astrology?

Miss Ellen: First, astrology is so much more than your sun sign. We (and our kitties) are multidimensional creatures and that is reflected by the complexity of our birth chart.

Second, we don’t predict the future. But a good astrologer can describe predisposition. For example, a client may have an aspect pattern that predisposes them to have a hot temper. An astrologer can see periods when that is likely to be triggered. If the client knows that they can choose to be more self aware to avoid an overreaction. Instead the client can choose to channel the energy into exercise or focus on a project.

Another example is the astrologer can see when planetary patterns are favorable for approval or recognition. But it’s up to you to apply for the job or submit the proposal.

Valentine: Wow, I had no idea! Fancy that! Miss Ellen, what most interests you about working with pets?

Miss Ellen: I love animals. I’ve had cats all of my adult life. They are real. And if they are treated well they are such loving creatures.

Ellen’s orange Tabby, Champagne, lived a long life of “19 human years.”
She got him from a shelter.

Cat Astrologer Champagne Tabby Cat

Image courtesy of Ellen Zucker

Valentine: Oh yes, we kitties can be extremely loving and have plenty of love to give. Say, I’ve learned that the Pet Business Planning Almanack and the Pet Fashion Almanack feature astrology sections written by you. What other books have you co-authored/authored? And do you have any new books in process or planned for in the near future?

Miss Ellen: I recently ended an assignment as the author of a weekly horoscope column for View the final column here when they went to a monthly format.

There is very little written about cats specifically, and cats and their relationships with their pet parents from an astrological standpoint. I would like to research the topic more.

Valentine: Thanks for sharing that linky. Mom reads her horoscope sometimes. As you confirmed, she’s a “Taurus” and so is Dad. That explains why they are “bull headed” at times! Tee hee hee! I think she mentioned to you that they share the same exact birthdays and were born the same year. And they weren’t even litter mates! What information do you need from a client to do an astrological reading?

Miss Ellen: To calculate a chart, I need your name, month, day, year of birth, time of birth, and city/state (or country if outside the US) of birth.

Valentine: Mom doesn’t know my birthday, yet you were able to do a reading of me through her birthdate? How does that work? Can just anybody read the astrological charts??

Miss Ellen: See my article here [pp. 55-56] in The Career Astrologer Magazine, that addresses your very question.

It is the exception rather than the rule that cat parents will know their cat’s birth information. In fact there was no one who I read for at BlogPaws who had complete birth data. People who adopted from a breeder had papers that listing the cat’s birthday, but breeders don’t normally record a birth time.

Valentine: I love staring at the moon, even though I only see it through a window. I think all kitties love a full moon. How does the position of the moon & the planets influence a reading? What about the four elements – what role do they play? What other things do you look for in the charts when you’re doing a reading?

Miss Ellen: To give a complete answer would be the subject of at least an entire book, but I’ll give you a very quick synopsis. We start with the birth chart (or as we astrologers call it, natal chart), an astronomically correct snapshot of the heavens from the time and place you were born. We look to the placement and patterns formed by the planets on the chart circle (actually the celestial equator) to examine the interplay of energies to get an overview of your predispositions.

It’s important to listen to my clients tell me how they are using the energies. Every client has a unique story and, assuming the birth information is accurate, that story always fits the symbolism of their chart placement. Always!

Valentine: I never new the pretty sparklies in the sky could help tell so much about a human or a kitty for that matter! I don’t think there is a kitty that doesn’t have a fascinating life story. How much time do you prefer to have with a client to do a reading?

Miss Ellen: When I do a first-time private consultation I allow 90 minutes. At an event such as BlogPaws, I have to keep it moving so my conversation with you us is a much shorter astrological impression.

Valentine: Oh sure. If a person is interested in adopting a pet can you consult them on pet compatibility? And have you been asked to do that before?

Miss Ellen: Yes. Since the pet’s birth data is likely to be incomplete or missing, I use the date and time of the proposed meeting or adoption to see of those transits look promising.

Cat Astrologer Cookie Monster Tuxedo Cat

Cookie Monster adopted by the Cat Astrologer. Image courtesy of Ellen Zucker.

Cat Astrologer Cat Cookie Monster Adoption Chart

Cookie Monster’s Adoption Chart. Figure courtesy of Ellen Zucker.

Valentine: Do you have a kitty or other type of pet of your own? And when did the pet become part of your family?

Miss Ellen: My cat sitter, Rita Perez, is friends with Diane Spotts, cat rescuer and Vet Tech at BAH. Diane takes care of a feral colony. One day she noticed a new arrival, apparently dumped at a park outside a nursing home. She could tell Cookie wasn’t feral and she saw that she wasn’t being accepted by the colony.

Cookie is a small cat, weighing only 7.6 lbs, and found herself terrorized by much bigger dogs. Diane took her into the Boulevard Animal Hospital, where she was cleaned up, spayed (on Diane’s dime), and put up for adoption. She didn’t fare well because, BAH, a typical veterinary practice, had many dogs. So this cat who had been terrorized by dogs had to listen to the sound of barking dogs all day and she was getting increasingly stressed.

A couple weeks after Champagne had died, Rita told me about Cookie. I met with Cookie and Diane on Easter Sunday and came home with a new buddy.

Cat Astrologer Cat Cookie Monster Closeup

Cookie Monster. Image courtesy of Ellen Zucker. Cropped.

On an unrelated note, tomorrow I will meet a cat who is likely to become Cookie’s brother. He, too, is a rescue. I will have additional material to write about for another installment down the road.

Valentine: What a wonderful furry companion you have! Please tell your Cookie I would like to be her furr-iend. And that is so exciting to learn that you may be soon bringing home a brofur for her.

Say, why do you think the kitty cat is not represented as a symbol on the astrological chart or zodiac calendar?

Miss Ellen: I would argue that there is. The symbol of the sign Leo is the lion, Kitty’s relative. Leo is ruled by the Sun and represents royalty. The ancient Egyptians venerated cats and I think most of us who become pet parents do.


Valentine: Oh yes, of course we are! I tried to tell Mom that! How silly of her and how could she not remember that?! How fitting is it that the KING of the jungle, be the symbol for we kitties! I have such pride. R-A-W-RR!

How do you think your work can have a positive effect on pet owners, pet brands, rescues, and pet enthusiasts?

Miss Ellen: The more awareness you have the better. Astrology is an excellent road for self-understanding and awareness.

Valentine: Other than the BlogPaws Conference, what other public appearances are you scheduled to make this year?

Miss Ellen: I will be lecturing at the NCGR Philadelphia chapter and Astrological Society of Princeton early next year.

Valentine: Oh that’s great! You must be excited! Thanks for answering my questions, Miss Ellen, and for all your time! (purring) Mom and Flattie V were pleased to meet you at BlogPaws!

The Star Lady’s Reading of Me, Valentine

The Star Lady used the derivative houses “technique” to chart me. This method is useful when a pet owner, mine for example, does not know the actual birthdate or birth time of her pet. In this way an analysis of a cat can be done “based on the chart of the cat’s owner.” Miss Ellen suggested that I tend to like to be the boss of the house. Yep, I would agree, though I’m not a bossy kitty by nature. Being the boss and being “bossy” are two different things. I let my humans think they are in charge, but really I run the show in my own subtle, non-demanding way. I have them, especially Mom, wrapped around my lil’ noir bean pads! The house and all things in it really are MINE. Mom, Dad and the Basset – I own them all. Miss Ellen said that she senses that I am happy… And yep, I believe I truly am. I love my family – yes, even the D-O-G. I am so thankful that Mom and Dad took me in 20 kitty years ago (5 in human years). I can’t imagine spending any more time in a cage from one rescue to the other, and having to sit and wait in confinement for someone to adopt me. Those were scary times – I got stressed, I got an infection, I lost weight, my fur was all matted, my ears were gunky and to top it off I had bad gums and needed some good TLC.

A special thanks to Miss Ellen, Cat Astrologer, for encouraging us to look to the stars far out and beyond! If you have any questions for her you can contact her through her website Practical Astrologie where you can also schedule a consultation. I know she’d enjoy hearing from you.

How familiar are you with astrology? For those of you that attended the BlogPaws Conference, did you get a chance to sit with Miss Ellen? I hope you will share something about your experience. I would love for you to comment on this post. Thanks for reading! Mew Mew!

Leo the Lion Vector Illustration copyright: alesikka / 123RF Stock Photo