Valentine Cat First Stroll of Year

Wordless Wednesday: A Stroll of Thoughts

February 7, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 53 Comments

The sun decided to show itself in a bright blue sky yesterday, so me and my Black Baby Purr plushy took a stroll in the neighborhood – my first stroll of the year. My thoughts were of my furr-iend, Mr. Furrrrg as I wished him safe travel to the clouds.

Strollin’ with Baby Purr Plushy

Peek-a-Boo and Thinking of you Mr. Furrrrg

Meeting Shadow the Kitty Along the Way

In loving memory of Sunny Reginald Furrrrguson who got his wings on Monday. I miss you Mr. Furrrrg. Sending comforting hugs to your family and warm purrs to you.

Saying About Friendship

Portrait image credit: Furrrrguson

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