Valentine Cat and Prototype toy Kitty

Sunday Selfies: Me and Simmy

January 14, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 37 Comments

Guess what? A package came the other day! Well it was addressed to Mom, but it was actually for me. Auntie sent a stuffed toy she crocheted. It is a “prototype” she said. I’ve named it Simmy, ’cause it looks similar to me, except that it has dark blue eyes and has a smooth coat. Auntie says the final version will be fluffy and will have pale yellow green eyes that match the color of mine. Until then I am to “test” this one. Simmy smells of fresh nip and its furrs sparkle. Mom thinks it’s cute when one of my claws attaches to Simmy and I roll upside down to play. I think I owe Auntie a big hug and purrs the next time she comes for a visit to thank her for crafting me a new pal. Maybe she’ll visit soon. And I wouldn’t even mind if she brought along the Yellow Dog, Makenzie, as long as Simmy doesn’t end up in her jowls. Tee hee hee. What do you think of Simmy?

Selfie with Simmy

It’s that time again for Sunday Selfies hosted by Kitties Blue over at The Cat on My Head blog. I hope you will purr-ticipate with me. Just click on the links at the end of this post to visit other anipals and I hope you will add your link, too.