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Surf’s Up!

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What began as a single International Talk Like a Pirate Day post by Erin the Cat Princess and a responding post by me, has turned into a blog series – a tale of Love on the High Seas. I thank you for being a patient and loyal follower as the tale continues and this time me, err, Captain – Count Prince Von Valentino discovers a way to get to shore quickly and the surf’s up!

As you remember we last left The Black Floof where it had pulled anchor just off the shore of Louisiana land and the Captain had just called for the white sails.

Chapter 11: “Surf’s Up!” , paw penned by moi

Back on The Black Floof…

The crew, still aghast from what had earlier transpired – a kraken pulling The Black Floof – stood motionless, staring out over the edge of the ship down at the water.

“Get a grip!” I turned to them as I lowered the spyglass from my eyes. “My Princess, she is in grave danger! I must go to shore at once! Drop the longboat!” I hollered. “No, wait!” responded Sirenmese Kadae, “Lil’ Kal would be faster!” “Whose Kal?!” I asked. “Oh, Kalvin Mar is our friend who just pulled the ship.” “That was lil’ Kal?!” Angel asked in amazement. “Kal, is our only family, you see. He washed ashore with us as a baby and is an orphan the same as we,” said Kadae. “Of course, he’s all grown up now, but he is loyal and a great swimmer. He’ll take you Feathers ExPress Pigeon there in no time, Prince Valentino!” added Sirenmese Kitsu. “But wha… how?” I looked at one sisfur then at the other. “He’ll wrap you in an arm and swim you to shore,” said Kitsu. “AAK-GH!” I coughed when I heard her words. “You’re kidding me right?! I’ll get all wet! This kitty doesn’t get in water! It would mess up my black floofs and I have to keep them looking dapper for the Princess,” I said as I puffed out my side chops. “There has to be another way!”

Just then a homing pigeon swooped in and landed on my shoulder. “A note from the Princess!” I scrambled over to the bird removing the parcel affixed to its foot. My excitement was fleeting as I read the first few lines to myself, realizing that it was the message I sent from The White Floof – a message meant for the Princess. “That’s the last time I use Feathers ExPress,” I grumbled at the bird, tossing the parchment aside. Then I turned my attention back to the sisfurs and crew.

Crewcat Purrseidon dashed below deck and returned moments later with her yellow surfboard in paw. “Here, use this, Captain,” she said, standing it upright proudly. “Yes! That’s it!” Kitsu clapped. Carpenter Catty Boy seemed to understand and called over a few mates to help him extend the ship’s plank so it projected over the water. Mr. Fuzz motioned for Purrseidon to set her board upon the plank. Catching on, crewcat Zoe grabbed some rope.

Kal Mar and The Black Floof ShipAnd with that Kadae coaxed Kal up from the waters again with her song. The eyeball resurfaced and this time a round mouth appeared, too, lined with yellowed, dagger-like teeth moistened with drool! !!P-HW-eee-w!! went the kraken exhaling a great, but foul breath that turned our noses up and our eyes cross for a moment or two.

Mr. Fuzz straightened my hat atop my head and made sure the cutlass was secured at my waist. Steed came over to me, wagging her tail with hopeful eyes. “No Bess, ye can’t go with me this time. Stay behind with me crew,” I bent over and patted her head. Then standing on the surfboard, positioned atop the ship’s plank with rope loop in paw, I looked back at my crew, “Don’t try this at home, kids.” Then all of a sudden the kraken plunged under the water causing the surfboard and I to bolt forward across the plank and into the air, the rope slack. For a moment or two I was part of the sky and eye-to-eye with a seagull who was in mid-flight. !!ER-rrr-oo!! It sounded with a muffled voice, its mouth carrying his catch of the day.

And then gravity caught up and pulled us downward. The board splashed onto the surface of the water. It skidded side to side like a clock pendulum gone wild until I bent my knees just enough to get myself balanced, holding the loop end of the rope still tight in paw. The kraken jetted forward as it pulled me along, the opposite end of the rope tied around its middle.

Surfs-Up-With-Captain-ValentinoEe-oww-rrr!” I yodeled as I started to get the hang of this odd form of transportation and rode a crescent wave. At one point, I raised one knee up like a rock star strumming his guitar, my hat plume the waving hands of my groupies. With my other leg back down I turned around backwards, facing the ship and waved at my fans – my crew! And they grinned and cheered!

Refocusing on the primary task, I took in the scene again along the shore as the board skipped through the water, shaking my head to clear off the mist that moistened my face. I could see them pacing, snarling and looking at me – D-O-Gs! With one paw hanging onto the loop, I reached in my cape for my weapons, parting gifts from the sisfurs. I was a black Ninja, sending one after another starfish shrooken into the air. Screeches from the shoreline confirmed they had reached their target and had pierced the standing crimson figure known as Camembert.

And Sirenmese Kitsu did what she had promised me. I heard her distinct wails from the ship cut through the breezes, and like slaps to the face entranced the seadogs on shore, making all but two run away whimpering.

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