Valentine Cat Yawns in Fall Room Vignette

The Designing Cat: Creating a Fall Room Vignette

October 7, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 38 Comments

Mom decided to turn the den back into a guest room for company that was scheduled to come in this weekend from WY O’ Ming, I think she said. Turns out that they had to change their plans, but Mom went ahead with her idea to create a fall room vignette. I really think she was just procrastinating on doing yard cleanup. Anyways, it meant that I put my Designing Kitty hat on in order to supervise Mom’s work. The ending look combines antique finds alongside new pieces, handmade items, and of course ME!

It’s a lot of work being a Designing Kitty, you know. You have to make sure that solid, design purr-nciples (principles) are followed. You have to pay close attention to the color scheme to make sure the hues don’t clash or jar the kitty eye. You also have to inspect the furniture arrangement for good “space” design. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that a kitty, and humans, too, can come and go quite comfortably without obstructions blocking passages or outside views.

The main focal point of the guest room, other than ME, is an iron bed Mom and Dad set up. Can you believe it was stored under the old, wood bed in the master bedroom for several years?! It has chippy paint and is a bit dusty. Mom has thought about having it “sandblasted and repainted someday,” though we both think it has a lot of character in its current state. The scrolls remind me of my tail and how I curl up into a ball when I’m sleep. The bed comes with a springy wire platform that Mom insured me would be padded up so it will be nice and comfy. I told her I require extra, thick foam! Look at all this extra hiding space I have now underneath the bed. And now there’s space freed up under the wood bed, too, in the other bedroom!

A low bench was placed at the foot of the bed that is just perfect in height for me to jump up on. It has shelves for me to lounge on when I so choose, that is if I can keep Mom from stacking them with magazines and things. The wood is a nice complement to the metal of the bed and adds variety and interest to the room. For too much of the same can be monotonous. There is an old, flat-topped trunk (not shown) on the wall opposite the headboard that offers blanket storage and another place for me to sit. It is black like me and smells like cedar when it’s open. Mom says the cedar is to keep the moths away. I could shoo them away right into my belly.

Mom chose a palette of mostly neutrals in creams, whites and uh… “Eh-cruz,” which I think is actually a birdie, but I haven’t seen him fly in the room yet. Hopefully he’ll replace that faux birdie (the bird zom) Mom has in the cage out in the living room! You can bet that I will be on the lookout! Mom had a lot of linens in storage that were just waiting to be used – a blanket and pillow knitted by Great-grandma, a quilted bedspread with matching shams Mom got one holiday as a gift from her parents. She added a few accents that I suggested to welcome in the season of harvest – ME, the cast iron, pumpkin lumiere, and the burnt orange fleurs. (Mom says she’s putting the fleurs back outside once the photo shoot is over so I don’t get tempted to eat a mummy snack. Darn!) There is also a large painting of a peacock with chickens framed in antique gold that completes the scene. Hmm… I bet peacock is tasty!

Fall Room Vignette Peacock Painting

Image credit: Ethan Allen

Tips for Creating a Room Vignette

  • Choosing neutrals for your main pieces allows you the flexibility to change out accent items in colors to go with the changing seasons & holidays
  • Carry the color scheme throughout the room
  • Very the sizes and shapes of your accents
  • Don’t be afraid to play with textures
  • It is OK to have more than one focal point in a room, but one should be more dominant than the other
  • Opaque or sheer curtains can help soften a look of a bed arrangement
  • A few quality made items is better than many low quality items
  • Quality made items & antiques don’t have to be expensive – look for them at furniture closeout sales, flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, in attics or closets of family members or friends
  • Incorporating well made handmade items from a loved one or friend can help warm up a space and make it unique
  • Don’t worry about trends; go for timeless looks instead
  • Bringing a bit of Mother Nature indoors can help extend the season

Ah… now that the bed is all tucked in with coverings and such, I think it’s time for my nap and this looks like a cozy spot. I’m pleased that I now have another bed to sprawl out on instead of just one. A kitty likes options!

Do you have plans to create your own fall room vignette? I would love for you to comment. If you liked this post, see also “The Designing Cat: Creating a Vignette with Antiques.” Mew Mew!

Note: As a cat I instinctively have a strong design sensibility. Mom has a BS in Interior Design and has practiced design for clients for a number of years, including space planning, designing window treatments, and selecting furniture and fabrics. She currently installs temporary and permanent exhibits and room vignettes at a local house museum.