Valentine Cat Closeup on Red Magic Car

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Transformer or Red Magic?

July 19, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 25 Comments

I like to sit on the hood of Mom’s motor car in the garage. Sometimes I find that it’s black roof comes up missing. Where does it go? And then the next thing I know it reappears! I heard Mom say that the auto mobile is a “convertible.” You see, she thinks is “able” to “convert” into one of those Transformers and that it may be a sibling of Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime

Image found on wikipedia

I think Mom has been watching too many sci-fi movies with Dad or she’s been into my Meowijuana stash! Tee hee hee! But I think there’s some kind of red magic at play. And maybe it’s that same red magic that brings the rumble roadster to life at times – making it roll and growl. I’ve gone for rides in it when it’s alive, you know, though that usually means also seeing the V-E-T! I wonder… maybe the red magic can make the convert-able fly?!

What do you think – Transformer or red magic? I would love for you to comment. Thank you for viewing my post and if you liked it, please also see “Wordless Wednesday: Hang’in Out On My Red Chair.” Mew Mew!