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Sunday Selfies: Crazy Mother… Treadmill Resolutions

January 6, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 55 Comments

Mom made her first big purchase of the Mew Year a couple of days ago when she bought a big, black machine she calls a “treadmill.” She says something about wanting to have “better endurance.” She also has this CRAZY idea that she’s going to get Bessie the Basset Hound to use the treadmill with her. Her reasoning is that they can exercise together without having to go out in the cold air and rain. You see, when Mom visited Grandma and Grandpa C’s over the holiday, Mom and Auntie Lily used the treadmill together. Lily is Grandma C’s Westie doggie. Some of you might recognize her, as she is also a member of my Noir Kitty Mews staff. Grandma taught her to treadmill when she was a young pup.

That is Bessie you see peeking in on Mom and Lily in the middle and towards the end of the video as they use the treadmill at Grandma’s. I think she was saying, “Whatcha doin’ Lily’? Why you do that? That look dumb.” The Basset Hound is an ole’ lady doggie and don’t humans have that saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? I do give Mom some credit, ’cause she did manage to get Bessie on the treadmill today at home by coaxing her with a chewy treat. But Mom you have to turn the motor on at some point! It will be an interesting 2018 to say the least…

Every year Mom makes a resolution to exercise more. She starts off with good intentions, but tends to peter out. She owned the treadmill’s predecessor several years ago, but ended up getting rid of it. Apparently, it became a clothes rack! I wonder if the replacement model will have the same fate? Well, since I’m a nice kitty I will do all I can to support Mom and help her achieve her goals for herself and the D-O-G. I have inspected the workout machine and have given my approval. The “belt” makes a nice place for me to lounge on and I have discovered that it has an interesting surface that might be conducive to sharpening my nails on.

Have you made any Mew Years resolutions that you think you will stick with? I would love for you to comment.

I want to thank Little Binky and Granny of Angelswhisper2011 blog for sending me this e-card for Christmas! That was so-o very thoughtful. Special purrs to them!

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