Valentine Cat Announces His Love Letter Contest

Valentine the Cat Announces 2nd Annual Love Letter Contest

January 17, 2018 Posted by Valentine - 30 Comments

This is a bit of a “wordy” Wordless Wednesday post, ’cause I want to announce my 2nd Annual Love Letter Contest that starts today, January 17! I am super excited to host this contest again. Last year there were wonderful entries. There was Loulou’s letter that spoke about how much she loves her garden of delights with its nip, arugula and lemons. There was the letter by Iza to Spitty written in the form of a “how do I love thee… let me count the ways” poem. The winning entry brought tears to my eyes and sniffles to my lil’ black nose. It was submitted by Bud-Bud who spoke of her true love Pookie Malcapi, who had gone to the clouds. This year I’m asking, once again, for purr-ticipants to submit a letter written to their sweetheart, whoever or whatever that may be. Those who enter have a chance to win a couple of fun prizes!

As some of you may know, Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year, and with my name being Valentine why would it not be, right?! Mom doesn’t think that I was originally named Valentine, but it was the name I came with when she adopted me from a rescue organization. Mom apparently thinks Valentine is a fitting name for me, ’cause she has never changed it. She says I look like a Valentine and I have a loving, sweet demeanor with a big heart. Aww… (blushing) thanks Mom. So to celebrate the Valentine’s Day holiday, I also call it “My Day”, the top letters of my Love Letter Contest will be featured in a post on February 14. So get out your paper or your electronic paper, I should say, and get to pawing (writing). I want to hear about your sweetheart. But hurry ’cause the contest only runs a short time! For contest rules and entry details click here.

Do you remember the first love letter you got from a sweetheart? I would love for you to comment. Kisses!

Now join me won’t you in the BlogPaws hop?! Just add your link below and click on the other links to visit and say hi to furr-iends! And I hope you stop by and visit me again on Sunday, January 21 when I’ll be celebrating my GOTCHA DAY! Mew Mew!