The Walnut Beastie – My Office Pal

April 3, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 15 Comments

Hello friends, today I wanted to share with you a little about my indoor work environment, and especially the table, Walnut Beastie, where the magic comes together for my combined website/blog NOIR KITTY MEWS. I have designated the dining room off the kitchen as my office. I work at home, which means I am also in charge of managing the household and indoor perimeter security.

Right now I am bathing at the table, so I can begin my work day clean, fresh and well groomed. I also take a mid-morning bath, as well as one in the afternoon, late afternoon, evening and at bedtime before my work day is over. Each one leaves me rejuvenated and ready for the next challenge. (Hygiene is essential in the work environment.)

Valentine Bathing at Table

Walnut Beastie has solid, curvy legs that rise above the floor from large paws. Her hide is dark brown. Her belly and paws have round, raised ornaments, maybe medals from past battles she’s won. She has a straight, striped tail that is only viewable when she stretches out lengthwise. Beastie serves as my office desk, where I do routine tests and optimization of the silver “computer” Mom uses as her type machine. (I’ve assigned Mom a little spot at the table, so she can do her work as well.) I dictate to her the text for my posts and she types them up or does what she calls “word processing.”

Valentine Cat on Old Table

Valentine at Computer

I allow my family to eat some of their meals at the wood platform where a seat is set for me. Last month I supervised Dad as he measured for two, new wood “leaves” for Beastie, so there is extra space when company comes over to enjoy a holiday feast. Before that, makeshift boards were put in place that weren’t so great. (BTW, I’m not sure why they are called leaves, because they look nothing like the leaves I know of that fall from trees! Humans and their goofy language!) When it warms up in the garage Mom plans to put a finish on the wood replacements. And of course, I will inspect her work if she wants my paw of approval.


I love when Beastie stretches, because it allows me to sprawl out. After all, I need lots of space to work – to brainstorm new post topics, write, edit, review material, manage my social network sites, and of course, to dream, nap and to be up and away from the D-O-G (otherwise, the Basset Hound will upset my concentration).

Valentine Cat Sprawls

Valentine Cat Eyes Open at Table

I can spy my back and side yards from several vantage points at the table. This means I can keep an eye on the squirrely gigs and the birdies (AKA zoms). I inform my fellow Zombie Squad #ZSHQ comrades when I’m needing backup. They perform great outdoor maneuvers, while I reinforce the castle keep. My heart starts beating fast when I spot my sleek Tortie neighbor, Pip, on my fence rail! I wonder if she thinks about me…

Pip Cat on My Fence

Anyway, the ole gal – and I mean the table, not Mom, she does creak and moan from her 100+ years. I detect some faint, interesting smells of humans and pets from her past. She’s got a few dimples and scars, but still has a mirror finish that reflects my chat noir twin, and because of that she is my pal! On occasion, I spot a small cobweb underneath her belly or a twist tie that I batted below her paw some time ago. Mom points out some scratches on her hide that she says are from me. “Think of it as my signature or a tattoo that adds to the history,” I tell her. Mom frowns – she’s not a fan of tattoos. “But Dad has one, Mom,” I remind her. Tee hee hee.

Do you have a home office? Do you have a favorite desk or table you work at? I would love to hear your comments and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you liked it please also see, “February Happenings in Review.” Mew Mew!