Valentine Cat Portrait Monochrome Canon EOS

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Where Did the Color Go, EOS?!

August 16, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 32 Comments

Mom snapped some photos of me the other day and as she looked them over on the tiny “view finder” I heard her mutter, “Where did the color go?” Little did she know that Dad had changed the “setting” on the black picture box to “monochrome.” Mom didn’t even know that EOS 40D had that setting! How long have you been using Dad’s equipment, Mom?! I think you should stick with the other “digital camera”, EOS the Elder (AKA the Rebel Xti), until you figure out how to use EOS the Younger. The Brothers Canon perform well and are reliable when the user knows what he or she is doing. Maybe I should take my own pictures. My confidence in the “human” user isn’t the highest right now. In the meantime, I had better pull out the instruction manual and paw to pages 61-62 under “settings” for Mom to read up on. When Mom wants to create blanc et noir shots intentionally, she typically uses “Photoshop Ellie’s Mints”. (Hmm… I wonder if that shop also has catmint and nip?! Tee hee hee!) It offers a “convert to black and white” enhancement feature. Don’t I sound so technical?! But now that Mom knows EOS the Younger has extended capabilties, she has another option. De toute façon, c’est moi ici sans couleur.

Do you like to create black and white photos of your pets and if so do you have a favorite camera or method for creating them? I would love for you to comment. I hope you liked this Wordless Wednesday post and if you did, please also see ” Mew Mew!