Valentine Cat and Spooky Ghosts

Wordless Wednesday: EEK! Spooky Ghosts

October 25, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 29 Comments

Look! Mom captured a few SPOOKY GHOSTS on camera! There I am sitting in Mom’s suitcase above on the right with what appears to be my ghostly twin brofur on the left! Or is it me on the left and the ghost on the right?! I wonder if Brofur Ghost got to go on travels with Mom when I was left at home?! Double EEK!

And I’m pretty sure there is some sort of vertical, eery specter in front of me in the image below! Maybe it was looking for my Kickeroo toy and was planning to take it from me?! EEK!

Have you taken any pictures of spooky ghosts, too? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for viewing my post. Mew Mew!