Portrait Sammy Old Timer Siamese Cat

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Meeting the Neighorhood Old Timer

July 26, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 34 Comments

Guess what? I made a new furr-iend! When I went on a recent stroll, I met Sammy the neighborhood old timer! And I saw him again when I went stroll’in a few days later.

Sammy came right up to my carriage and we came nose to nose. He was super nice and didn’t hiss, raise a paw, or puff his fur. And he was eager to receive Mom’s pets. He even followed along on my stroll until we reached the boundary of his territory.

Doesn’t Sammy have fur-tastic white socks!

Sammy reminds Mom of Jeremiah, the Sealpoint Siamese pussy cat that her family had when she was young. I think there’s magic in Sammy’s crystal eyes. Maybe he’s a wizard?! And his whiskers are marvels!

I notice the senior one has a torn ear and Mom thinks he doesn’t see so well. I imagine those are warrior scars from battling those fiery biestolars of dragoon or zoms back in the day. I bet Sammy has great stories to tell! I hope to meet up with my new pal again real soon!

Do you have an old timer kitty in your house or in your neighborhood? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for visiting. If you liked this post, please see also “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Transformer or Red Magic?” Mew Mew!