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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Myrtle – Beach Cat?

May 17, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 20 Comments

Mom left for the BlogPaws confurr-ence before the rooster crowed this morning. She is traveling to “Myrtle Beach,” which I think is code for “Myrtle the Beach Cat.” Maybe Mom will bring her home to me, so I can have a sister to play with other than the D-O-G. OK, maybe there is really a place called Myrtle Beach somewhere, but if so, it got its name from and is owned by a cat named Myrtle. That’s what I believe anyway. Mom says I’m silly. She says I have an active imagination. Well then Mom, I imagine I’m traveling to BlogPaws to find Myrtle and when I get there, I will share a nice picnic lunch with her on the beach and will sit with her at sunset.

Here I am in my car… Hang on Myrtle! Here I come…


I made this sign for Myrtle… Myrtle are you out there? Please, show yourself kitty… I want to be your furr-iend. Mew Mew!

Well, maybe Flattie V will have better luck finding Myrtle, because he actually gets to go with Mom on her journey to BlogPaws. I instructed him to get a kiss from Myrtle for me. Do you think Myrtle is a cat or a beach? Do you or your kitty have an active imagination? I would love for you to comment. Thanks for viewing this post! If you liked it, please also see “Flattie V & How to Tips for Crafting a Flat Pet” and “BlogPaws Finalist: Noir Kitty Mews Gives Thanks & Kisses.”

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