Wordless Wednesday: Sparkling Teeth!

May 3, 2017 Posted by Valentine - 35 Comments

Here I am back from my dental procedure. Look at my sparkling teeth! I get my teeth cleaned twice a year and x-rayed once a year, as recommended by the V-E-T. Dr. Frick n’ Frack (that is my nickname for him) says I still have a bit of gin-Gi-vi-tis, but that my gums look better than they did six months ago. They have improved in the five years that I’ve been with Mom and Dad and following a healthcare plan. (My previous owners slacked on my healthcare.)

My food was taken away the night before my dental cleaning and the doc said I couldn’t eat anything until late evening following my cleaning. Mom couldn’t resist taking this video of me when I first came home – tummy growling . . . looking for food . . .

Still kind of groggy from Annie’s setic they put me on. I never saw Annie. Maybe she was sleeping. I think I might fall asleep right here . . .

Valentine Cat home from vet3

I think the room is spinning a little . . .

Valentine Cat home from vet2

My pupils are still fully dilated! I think I’m seeing double birdies and double squirrelygigs out the window!

ValentineCat home from vet

Do you brush your kitty’s teeth so they sparkle clean? And does your kitty get dental cleanings at the V-E-T? If so, how often? Did you know that good teeth hygiene helps maintain good overall health for your pet? I hope you like my pictures and I would love for you to comment. If you liked this post please also see, “Almost Wordless Wednesday: Patiently Waiting.” Thanks for visiting my blog! Mew Mew!